Bag Godek-tion

Long time I’ve been neglecting this blog. Kinda missing you already but then I’ve came up with a blank cerebrum everytime I’m facing my desktop. I kalau balik rumah bukan rajin sangat nak online, banyak benda nak layan. Chuweh!

OK OK. Since now I’m all alone in my house. *Baru bangun tidur and had my breakfast actually* and my dad just went out recently. Striken by boredom, I found nothing else better to be done rather than sliding on my baby lappy, instead of facing Audrey Niffeneger’s. Hee.

So, u all pernah tak tengok FUHH!!??? Alaa… TV3 show yang Awal Ashaari jadi host. I’m not sure about the current existence of this show but as far as I remembered, every Sunday’s night, when I’m watching Glee and probably waiting for American’s True Beauty, hehe… I’ll switch the remote to TV3 sebab by that time Awal akan menggodek2 celebrity’s tote. I suka tengok apa yang diorang bawak. Macam-macam la u all!

So… being inspired by that show, today I boring so I godek laa jugak beg I. That’s why this post being entitled Bag Godek-tion, and I reka ayat GODEK tu. Hee 😀 Well, if a briefcase makes a man, a handbag makes a woman *pandai-pandai je*. I godek beg I ni during leisures, bukan bag yang I bawak pergi lectures so banyak benda main-main. But I’ve to remind you guys, there are rules and regulations to view the pictures. Ngee.. I bukan anak orang berada nak pakai PRADA, GUCCI and all.. I tak pernah ada pun even for Armani Exchange. So, whatever you guys see are mine, and jangan perlekehkan I sebab I tak pakai LV, Hermes, and all! Blah blah blah… come, lets check it out!

The victim bag- Again, it’s not a piece of LV or Prada

Spranggg!! Spread sikit-sikit dulu! Hee

My bank- Ngee!

Compulsory to be opened?? Alaaa sepah betol! Duit takde! Ngaa

Trashes look but I can’t live w/o this trio- Earphone, Kunci bilik, hairband.

Energy savior- Habis stock Kinder Bueno cuma ada C9! haha

Apa ni? Hee. It’s actually a card holder. But I takde business card so I put my mints in there. Takde la bekas I nak sama ngan orang kan! Hee

Eee malunya- These 3, are THINGS-NOT-TO-BE-LEFT! (L-R): Hand lotion, EDT *x kan nak bawak EDP kot bawak jalan, berat*, Hair cocktail *nanti rambut x lawa*, baby powder *actually my sis yang tumpang*

Hmmm.. make up case… Should I open it?? Emmm…

Haha beg besar. But these are the only make ups I carry with me. Eyeliner, lip balm *yg renek tu selalu pakai in lecture*, lip ice *suka bila tukar color!*, lip gloss *use only in appropriate condition, or else nanti OVER*. Powder- x payah la guna foundation or two way, we are only 19 kan?

Oh! I’m nomophobic. Simply can’t leave behind these. I tak mampu using Android like my bro, so these two pun enough. One for work, one for casual. 🙂

Back then, they are my treasures 🙂

I forgot to capture the Iphone and Diary. Hee.. that’s a new diary actually so I forgot to snap since all these while I’m carrying a different one. A smaller one. Iphone tak suka because touch screen. Yucks.

So, that’s all I’m carrying for casuals. If it comes to lectures or classes, it is a different thing lah.I’m not rich like any other people to have those branded stuffs, I’m grateful for what I have.

So, my request, anyone who call themselves as blogger, buat la the exact post like this. I would love to know what treasures you are carrying along 🙂 And feel free to leave me a link! I’ll godek yours! OK! Bye! Laparrrr =.=”


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