Soubetsukai 2011

Soubetsukai 2011.
It’s an event for Japanese Preparation Programme in UM.
Involving all Senpai of 2nd year students and Kohai of 1st year students. Better called AAJ-ians.
Get me right please, I’m not one of them. Tak layak I.
But two students of PASUM was selectively being chosen to attend the dinner.
Haha. Bajet gila. Sebenarnya dipilih sebab suka mencapub dan men-nyebok!
It was me and Meo *big bow, this is my President* who attended the prestigious dinner.

This is not a kad kahwin ye anak-anak mummy… This is Soubetsukai’s invitation card.

Quite to be rare, the event was held in the Grand Ballroom, Equatorial Hotel, Bangi.
Went there with our lecturer, Miss Edura Badaruddin.
Autumn bliss has been chose for the theme.
Chinese courses.

I had an enjoyable night back then.
Pre-VIP’s etiquette when we were pointed to dine on the same table with the VIP’s.
Big gulp, MEO.
Meja depan u all.
Mampu kaw?

Anyway, seronok.Mr Khuzaini Norman πŸ™‚ Meo laa…

Obviously, me.

Ye, I tak pernah lagi tinggi! Cis!

The suckest part, camera habis battery, u all.
So you save your time from evaluating every single piece of my picture. *Sobs

Don’t miss the flight, Senpai!
Have a blazing time in Japan! Konichiwa!!

p/s Haih Malam EMAS.


3 thoughts on “Soubetsukai 2011

  1. kinda.
    motif utama mcm kena jd observer la, learn from their kelebihan n kekurangan.
    but i think the most beneficial one would be the makan free part.weee!
    thx syafiq πŸ™‚ working hell on the malam emas!yawwwwnnn *rolling

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