Exam. Captivated. Framed.


A week here in PASUM witnessed how stressful my life could be when it comes to exam thingy.
Yes! Mid Term exam is finally a bygone! Alhamdulillah, suppose 🙂
I’ve been scarily freak towards this exam since this is my only chance to evaluate a catalyzed boost, covering the so-so performances in my first term. Second chance is always a bliss. Hope so.


So, paper reviews :

FMAX0113 *Basic Physics 3* : First one to be tested. Alhamdulillah 🙂 Quite well
FMAX0114 *Basic Physics 4* : Electrics thingy! OK lah but harder compared to Basic Physics 3
FKAX0113 *Physical Chemistry* : Shoot your head!! Level senang – 6/10
FKAX0114 *Organic Chemistry* : Harder than Physical Chemistry T.T
FQAH0113 *Organisms Physiology* : I was sweating and gulping!
FQAH0114 *Genetics and DNA Technology* : The single paper! Easy measy! Alhamdulillah 🙂
FJAX0113 *Algebra and Calculus* : Dead dead dead!! Hardest paper.
FJAX0114 *Statistics and Probability* : EASIEST!!! Alhamdulillah 🙂


Daily routine have been completely revolved during exam fever, u know.
To sleep by 4.00am, luckily I’m pre-insomniac person.
To compress all informations in less than 24 hours time.
To sacrifice my favourite emcee thingies.
To befriend with study table, menyampah betol.
To neglect (or better call being neglected) by ‘that’ person.

Sorry la u all. Gambar takde. Organic Chems punya fail pon jadi la eh.


So know, everything is over! OVER u all!!
I should go back home.
Had my own pretty time.
Dating. Haha
And most important…
I nak balik and have a cool haircut, say…like… JB!!
Yes! Justin Bieber. Cool rambut dia!

Oh bye bye UM 🙂


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