Fact about me, I suka berlagak matang.

Serious, I love to emulate careed woman who always perform professionalisms in their daily routine and by the same time not vanishing away their fitrah as a servant of Allah SWT, having personal thingies and all.. Ohmaii.. I gatal.

So, I’m happy now.

And busier…

When I’m committing a task, surely I’ll dig to the core to reach my very best.

Except for studies, no doubt.


Semalam my Syak called and had a chance to chit chat with her and Hana Reza for couple of hour.

Seriously, everyone is like, turning upside down, being revolved hundred and eighty degree now.

Syak is seriously busy with her Cambodian humanity mission right now. Best nye u Syak! And her plan regarding proposing the formation of legal debate club there in KMB. Go Syak!

Hana is emulating ustazah, being a highlighted kakak usrah now.

Wani the mummy must be really eventful with her study lah kan.

Adoii canakcanak IB! I miss u guys, ni kat Malaysia pun jarang we all boleh jumpa, how laii when you guys fly to UK, Ireland and all??

My cubemate, Naily pulak is heating her ass up for her degree in weeks to come.

Serious, cubemate I dah nak masuk degree. Freshie engineer from UTP. Ouh.

Riffy chose India instead of Poland. Gonna fly by this August.

Same goes to Nasihah. Party in the USA is waiting!!

Ummu duk homesick, konon Malaysians doesn’t love her. Kerek betul Ummu. She’ll come home so soon. Alaaa orang Egypt memang kaya.

Mary I tak contact sangat. Mary sombong, but I guess she’s having a funtime in KYUEM with Lisa. Baking baking!!!


Hah. Tunggu masa honey bunny I fly to Japan.

Woi! I got my own vision okai! I maybe not flying for now but I’m happy in my Universiti Malaya.

I ada semua orang yang I sayang here.

Bachelor of Law, I’m your next freshie!

p/s Emo sebab exam! Today’s mama’s birthday! I can’t be there at Kelantan and wish her, just webcam-ing with my mama for half an hour. No syoukkk babe!Tonight I got a Japanese event so off now! Bye!


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