The previous post regarding frenziness of Friday doesn’t end there.

I had a great night for the next 12 hours part.

My AN called me cakap nak datang UM.

I thought he was kidding but then it was for real. AN I tak pernah gurau. *Poyo je

So, in a complete mess, I’m not ready for anything, not even a proper dress to be wore so I quickly grabbed my checkered tee, my jeans and a black tudung.

Hah lantak lah. Buruk gila pemakaian nye hah.

So, reaching down there at Frenster 12, waited for five minutes for he and Wong to come.

Alaaa segannya.

Tapi takpe, I brought along my Mira.

First thing first, we all masuk rumah hantu.


Entered there for third time already, but still I’m being conquered with my own fears towards those fake pocong, pontianak and all.


Lepak-lepak at Frenster 12.

Dapat ‘love letter’.

Malu u all =.=’

Student rep dapat ‘love letter’. Ambik kau. Malu…

Hang around the lake.

To say goodbye is the hardest part.

Banyak kali oke lah, oke deh kan u??


Look deep inside the pendant, u’ll know what I meant.

Taw tak… My silence remains now. I might told u the opposite, but u never know how I do really feel. Deep inside here, it is only me who knows what I feel. And I know well the vibe. OK, I crap. I miss u AN

ANAH *taw tak nasib baik bukan M kat blakang. Ngee

OK lah. Off for Physics now.



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