Candy Zoology

Once upon a time, in a timid zoo… There lives a taaaaaall lovely baby giraffe

The baby giraffe loves a chomel queen bee so much

They would spend special, precious momentous together.
They would stare in eyes, and ignores the whole world, together.
They would whisper their vows, together.

The giraffe would give his queen bee her favyfavy lollylolly

Ouh, how sweet it could be!
Says the honey queen bee

Deep inside her soul,
A doubt resides in beneath so foul.

Someday her baby giraffe would leave her.
Fly over.
Over and over.
Ouh wait. He got no wings, he’s flying without wing.
Says KONICHIWA! Watashi wa atarashii basho o aisuru! Yoshhh!

Probably meeting somebody else.
In a place where Rita Julius rest.

And, the queen bee would be nothing, left in mess

But, beware baby giraffe.
On the queen bee’s line,
There too might be another act.
Residues of life’s fact.
Suddenly the queen bee carries her broken heart,
Fly and fly over the world,
Where she met someone else…
So better don’t.

Because there would be scissors in each piece of cloth

That sounds freeeeeaky enough.
I doubt you, never a question.
You doubt me, it’s always a conversation.
Trust me,
This is how I want the end to be.



2 thoughts on “Candy Zoology

  1. Sweet nye cerita…
    Kau cakap kau single??
    Sekali dah ada pakwe ye Kia??
    Macam-macam la kau mekcek..
    Tahniah2, huhuhuueeee!! LOLS

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