Frenzy Friday

Just a typical Friday morning, another day to be bounded with heavy classes and frenzied lectures. Better for worse, I had a chance to enjoy my light breakfast with dearie roomie and her buddies. Oh! Btw, today woke up quite early as my alarm Julius managed to buzz me earlier.

Earliest class, Calculus and Algebra. My tutor best taw. Sporting. So today, we got a test so I was like quite prepared. Well, at least better little than never kan. Alaa, Series/ Sequence and Integration je pon! The time I had to hand in my 3rd, 4th, and 5th tutorial, I told my tutor that I can’t fully digest the calculation in 3rd and 4th. Sebab ada Mc Lauren series ;( But to my surprise, she told me, it’s ok, I’ll check each of it and later I’ll teach u wholly. Awww sporting meh!

Done with a tutorial. Proceeded to Biology tutorial. Test entangled meh! This week En Ikhwan yang masuk and test pulak regarding Gene Replication je. I tak baca pon tajuk ni but then because he explained us first about these ribose thingy before started with the test, it was quite easy for me. Lagi pon nota ‘underground’ ada. Hahah. Then the class dismissed 10mins earlier so I decided to go to the office with Lynn. Kat luar tu terserempak ngan En. Fadzil and En. Ikhwan.

Selingan je..Hee

adzil : Hah Kia. Macam mana? Jangan la stress buat kerja, okei je. Chill lah.

En Ikhwan : Ntah Kia. Lepak je… buat meeting ngan committee then propose, on je la. Hooo

Kia : Eh, saya okei je la.. *apa diorang ingat lepas incident smalam tu I jadi down?* Niii En Fadzil. Brainwash sikit si Lynn ni, dia tak nak pergi malam Emas.

En Ikhwan : (Pandang Lynn) Oiiihh.. kalau nak tengok kitorang nyanyi memang kena pergi!

Kia : (dlm hati- hah goreeng lagi kaw kaw.Haha)

En Fadzil : (dia suka cakap dialect Klantan even he’s not a Kelantanese) Hoh! Taw mu ni gaak eh. Gi la. Saeng mu ni buat kijo, mu keno la ‘sepook’.

Hahahahaha sepook?? Apa tuu??

En Ikhwan : Hah Kia. OK aih. Jangan stress stress. Jangan cari shisha lagi. Ni stress je cari shisha.

I was like… Oiii mana ada! Kantoi stalk FB saya kan?? Haha.

Physics class. Sepatah haram tak dengar tau. One phone was texting Abang Azzairi Tanya pasal debate *sambil-sambil layan dia tengah perasan* and one phone listening to Mp3. and that’s how the progression goes till the end of the class.

Balik-balik, singgah gerai Frenster with Mira. Met my senior, Juwe. Semalam time I lepak FS pon ada si Juwe neh. And then, yang tak boleh blah, Juwe told me… “Erm Kia. Blanjo Kia! Blanjo…ermm kapok gontam

KEPOK GONTAM?? Masalah betol.


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