Arabian Night

It all started with a witty audition.
Read thru the scripts.
Superb pronouncement.
Daring voice -ok enough-

Then,moved on to the part where lucks never betrayed me.Alhamdulillah, being chosen as the emcee for Frenster ’12. Biggest event for 12th Residential College. By my side, it supposed to be Izzat Hassan but day before rehearsal, luck betrayed him. Then, circulate to my always-emcee-partner. Izhar Mustaqin.

Anyway, the rehearsals are tiring. Morning till afternoon. An hour break, afternoon till evening. The next golden break, evening will be pursued till midnight.
My voice slightly vanished. My stomach highly acidic *sebab tak makan*

Emcee scripts had been changing for six times. Takpe, dakwat printer college.

The cool seniors πŸ™‚ the climax of the day. Monday, January 10th, the hall virtued a glorious Arabic mysteries. Had a bliss night back then πŸ™‚

Pharoah and Cleopatra.

We’re weird, we know…

Konon nye la kan nak bershisha

Tengku Hadi

Kau lagi lah kan?

Now it’s all worth it.

Love Middle East theme πŸ™‚


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