Reaching My Port

Whoah! Finally arrived UM after a few days of self-created holidays. Air Asia fixed my departure at 5.20pm but as far as I remembered it was carried forward a few minutes before because of the bad weather. Ngee.

So nothing much to be prescribed. Had a pathetic flight back then. Bila dah sampai airport, I dah pancit. I received a few text message from my committee members regarding our projects, plus the emcee thingy candidates enthusiastically texting me, lagi la i pancit nak reply. Among all the message, I managed to text only a single message to Nazirin, cakap i dah sampai, i had a disaster in my flight. Then, I slept.

From KL Sentral, ran for LRT and a cab, before reached UM. >.<

Sampai je UM, I ran off sixth floor room, salin pakaian then rushed to Bilik Meeting JTK. Sorry Izhar for my slaughterness sebab lambat 10mins! Hee.. Then handled the audition session,it was fun anyway! Thanks Zafirah, Feeze, Aima, Syazwani, Osman, Ummi, Hazman, Amira, Ain for the havoc night! Haha

Then Abang Azzairi called me to ask if I want to eat anything. Ohhh bagus la. Dah la i lapar. Withougt hesitation or humiliation, I ordered my foods lah! Ngee. Malam tu dapat jumpa Abang Azzairi n Abang Arief free2! Gedik jeh.

OK lah. Tired. Wanna sheeleeep. Nunyte πŸ™‚Nak jugak upload gambar sendiri.

p/s Tertinggal cable BB kat rumah!


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