Chuweh Jeh

I don’t know whether what im trying to express this time in my blog is relevant or not. Informative or not. Lame or not. But as far as it goes with my expressions, right here in my blog, I got the veto power. So here we go.

Suzuki Cup portrayed a victory in Malaysia’s football history. After a decade and half of droughts in Malaysia’s football arena, it finally comes to a spontaneous victory that Malaysia suddenly able to defeat Indonesia. I sebenarnya suka je Malaysia menang, so that boleh letak plaster kat mulut Indonesia yang bajet ganteng tu. But when the tsunami wavelength is spreading way too fast and suddenly all girls of my age are chit-chatting about football, a random thoughts suddenly popped across mine. WAJAR ke?

Ye la… sukan ni ada masanya jugak. It doesn’t necessarily we are always booming to the top. Sampai masa turun jugak. I am a big fan of Chelsea but for this EPL nampaknya Chelsea merudum. Si Nazirin jugak bising with his Arsenal. But I’m neither impressive nor down to the bottom because that’s how karma works. Remembered TsuMAWI? Ahh…forgot maybe. I remembered clearly how fanatic people could be voting for Mawi till he clearly being sashes as the King of SMS *thanks God I tak pernah vote*. Err sekarang kita ada dengar ke pasal MAWI? Hee… Naaah. Now the pop industry being revolved with another TSU… tsuFAHMI.

Hah! Talking bout tsuFAHMI! For me lah kan, the prior reason for girls forgoing their typical Edward Cullen’s gossips, or catching the latest designer collection was all rooted from the fever of Khairul Fahmi Che Mat. Better known as KFCM. All of sudden his girl ponn dah jadi top 10 Google Search! (Rekaan je) Mak aih… I student UM pon tak de orang search I. Asam garam laa tu kan, bila dah pakwe orang famous, kalau I pon panas bontot! Chuweh!

Haih… but I have to admit it. After Ahmad Nazirin briefed me about KFCM, I quickly searched for his profile in Facebook. Mayor mayor mayor.. he’s a Kelantanese okai! And then studying his game pattern. Prooo la u all! Five star 🙂 Tapi I bosan bila ramai la tetiba yang “ I love u KFCM, I sayang u KFCM”. Adoi, be moderate la people. Fidelity to conscience is inconsistent with retiring modesty. If it be so, let the modesty succumb. It can be only a false modesty which can be thus endangered.

If modesty disappeared, so would exhibitionism. Tak gitu??

p/s I nod for the statement by Indonesian actress, Andah. Saying that Irfan Bachdim kagak ganteng seehh! Tak boleh macam tu dong..mata orang lain-lain. Emm emm.


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