Royale Debate 2010

Lame blog topic. I know. It’s 2011 but I’m posting something that happened in the previous year. So what? My blog. And forgive me if I’m wrong but last year was 73 hours 45 minutes and 22 secs from the time I’m posting this. Hee ๐Ÿ˜€

So, this Royale Debate is a perfect ending for my 2010. Held in the University of Tun Hussien Onn, Batu Pahat, I represented my beloved UM for this prestigious tournament. The training, hectic, I shall say. Bukan tak seronok, I enjoyed every moment of debate mocks but it was really tiring. But it does worth it!!!

Went there for 6 days. December 17 uphold to 22nd. UM sent three debate teams of course, which consist of:training in the court
Amal n abg azzairi
Thanks God its not that expressive
Hadi muka geram dowh!

Main team (Senior) :
* Mohd Hidayat
* Azzairi Rosle
* Firdaus Ahmad
* Tuan Arief
Junior team 1 :
* Sharul Aidy
* Kiasatina ngeee
* Hadi Ucin
* Rafidah Farhanah

Junior team 2 :
* Hairul Izlan
* Mohd Asri
* Amalina Amin
* Arina Mokhtar

blast blast blast! The system used for the debate was the power match so it was really tiring. Tired lagi. Bila masa nak enjoy? Hah. Every millisecond there was enjoyable. We walked as a team, we ate as a team, we tunjuk action as a team, we karox as team, we main bowling as a team… Tak gitu?? Owww btw, these are a few topics that I debated there, as far as I remembered.

** Washington dan Tehran; Buku Bertemu Ruas **
** Selat Tebrau Semakin Sempit **
** Green Party Merawat Politik Malaysia **
** Blok Ekonomi Menyongsang Arus Globalisasi **
** McDonaldization Memugar Citra Tempatan **
** Keranamu Myanmar; ASEAN Lebih Bermakna **
Bowling tournament with UPNM Karox!
Shall I say, I malas nak menaip? Got Maths tutorial to be done.

I miss UM’s debate teams ๐Ÿ˜ฅ


p/s Loads of pics has been uploaded to FB so malas nak meleret here.

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