Thanks for Malaysia’s victory in the recurrent Suzuki Cup we finally managed to enjoy a day off. No lecture, no tutorial, no lab would sum up to a heaven life. So, not to waste any opportunity, regardless furious passions towards exams and all, me and Arina decided to spend a day together. Mid Valley, though it sounds lame, but it ought to be cool if you’re not stepping there for about a month! Hahha

So went there as early as 10am. Normal stuffs that teens do when leisures- movies, dines, shoppings, gossipings, and bowling. Err bowling tak sempat nak buat. Hahah. We watched Little Fockers since The Tourist provided us with the frontiest seats. So, no thanks!

I don’t like teddies. I pose sahaja.

Secret Recipe freak

Anyway, Arina is a sweet leisure partner! I love her a lot! She has a good sense of sport styles, which is a contradiction compared to my taste. I am always that lady-like. So bila dah jalan ngan orang sport, surely u would dash into sportish boutiques. Ngee. Nice one, really Arina πŸ™‚

Arina Mokhtar πŸ™‚

She’s way taller sebab…err..she wears Crocs! Haha

Yang best, Arina sent me back to UM since I have to catch up my night flight to Kelantan then she rushed back to Mid. The prior reason? She left behind her bowling ball there! What a freak! Ngee πŸ˜€

ILY, Arina Mokhtar πŸ™‚ I remembered the time when we were in UTHM for debate, you woke me up hardly each morning and you would wait even it was for half an hour because… Arina takut nak pergi toilet sorang!!! Hee.. Mandi pon nak kena teman, kan! Comel la Arina.


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