The Musafir -Part 2-

I don’t like ‘post-berantai’ because it leaves me behind a mountainous eagerness to continue my writing about the previous post. So, now I come back to my blog to finish my story about Penang which is continuity for The Musafir Part 1.

Oh before that! Tadi I English class taw. New lecturer. During the ice breaking session, we were asked to name our interests. I listed three. Speaking, blogging and musics (and partially a lie because I told I know how to play instruments! Hee) What am I trying to stress here is that my lecturer agreed that blogging helps your English skill! Yes, you should try. I’m not a good writer, but I’m learning and that’s a progression!

OK. Jom! So, after a day of tiresome in Penang, then it comes to our second day there which was a climax. I woke up that morning to perform my Subuh prayer before off to bed again and woke up at 9! Hee. Standard. As far as I remembered, I woke up with Abang Shidi, Abang Eddy n Abang Shafiq kat ruang tamu. Cuak gila kot, I was the only girl there, nak pergi mandi, nasib baik depa tidoq! Went to Izhar’s house for breakfast. Soon, went for a ronda-ronda with Auntie, Kak Choo, Alang n Adik in Pekan Kepala Batas. Depa nak cari tudung CT buat cheq. Partially I was fed up pasai depa habaq nak buat rehearsal from 11 to 5. Sekali tak buat pon. I cancelled to date my dad and one of my friend since both of them was in Penang that time. Kecewa lah! I rindu my dad =((

Adik Adrianna! Comel kan???

The family are preparing bunga telur

Back to the house, helped them all with Bunga Telur preparation. OMG… Dah lama sangat tak de benda camni dalam my big family. Tak ada yang nak kahwin in nearest time. Haha. The atmosphere was so blazing, slaughters filled most of the spice, and it was certainly a bless! Next off to Dewan Seri Indon for a rehearsal, sampai-sampai I tak ada suara. I senang hilang suara if I cakap banyak, and to be frank, the box of voice is the foremost machine gun for an emcee. Crucial amongst all. After that rushing pulak back to the house, and Izhar sent me to mine. It was like…quite sangat. Mana semua orang? I ingat tak ada orang in my house but soon the door was open and another two guys were smoking there in the ruang tamu. Adooiii… family members from Perak rasanya. I don’t think so depa semua 20’s sebab nampak serenek ngan I je. Hee =) So, don’t care that much, having another conflict to bathe. Adoiii….

The families. Evening rehearsal

I miss them already!

Iphone 4 maniac, kan?

7.30pm. It’s time!!! Off to Dewan Seri Endon with Abang Eddy, Abang Shafiq n an uncle in their Innova. Wed time!!! Blast you know! And cuak too. It was my first time to become a wedding emcee. Never tried before so the experience worth every penny. And adrenaline. Nothing much to be prescribed, I think pic talks will do!

The hallKami emcee!!!


I love this pic!

Beloved seniors 🙂

Dan sekian terima kasih… *Bersanding olok-olok*

Went back to KL with En Jedzry and seniors. Arrived at 4am @.@

Bunch of congrats, Puan Ezma n her hubby =)

p/s I’m eating Chacho’s! Wuuu


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