Jogathon 2010

Hot hot heat! Haargh hari ni settle pulak another project of JKP Committee. Alhamdulillah… It was a fun project anyway, though it’s so-called not that rare in the eyes of the public but trust me, w/o a full cooperation and passion, not even a bit of this project could be done! So, it is LARIAN JOGATHON ASASI DAN RPKJ ’10 that had successfully been ran today. Congrats Atok selaku Project Manager and the rest of committee members.

Tired tau. From proposals in white being transformed into a massive project in black, nothing’s better to be sighed compared to the sigh of released.

Pagi ni, JKP members kena turun padang at 6.30am =.=” From college to PASUM, it is not a walk distance. I ni dah la payah bangun pagi. Hee… I hired 5 individuals to wake me up this morning. Mama, Qee, Atok, adalah, adalah. Lastly none of them managed to wake me up, i bangun sendiri. But… after depa semua call lah. That was…6.15am! ALAMAK! Mati kutu la ngan atok! At 6.30am, atok called me back and then i cakap, “dah dah… aku dah bangun. sat aku turun”.

Sometimes burden has to be carried alone – Paul Nickson

Erm. Exception for mengangkat meja activities – Danial Hakim n Izhar Mustaqin

My job, pagi-pagi buta kena kejut orang. Bangun bangun… pergi jogathon. Ecece takdak la sampai camtuu skali, i buat announcement baik-baik lah. Blah blah blah… i was in the room for about an hour before I jog to PASUM alone taw! On my way ada la budak laki ni tanya, “Kia, kena daftar ngan kad matrik ke?” *nak pecah urinary blade i gelak. Hahaha

Sampai-sampai, I was soooo amused to see a sea of Asasians in the loud musics, chattering to each other, having the free breakfast being sponsored by Gardenia. HEE πŸ˜€ I malas laa nak cakap panjang! Pendek kata, Asasians best n me n Izhar have to become emcee bidan terjun! Sangat last minute! 15mins before kena jadi emcee, we got the tentative! Haih!! Rush rush! But luckily Izhar is a pro πŸ™‚
Ngee. Focus I abang-abang Asasians di belakang ye. Haha

Yasmin, Mira, Kia n Ummu

Great time! I love jogathon. Once again, I’m safe from running. FYI, I’ve never get involve with any jogathon before. Even during my school time. I selalu jadi urus setia! Hahahaha. This time i penganjur. Hahahahah.
With akak Kecemasan

Bye! Off to Butterworth!

p/s Goodluck after this, project Kak Wani *English Week* is coming rite up! Soon, it’s going to be my Golden Nite project in Feb T.T

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