Happy First Anniversary Sayangs!

Last Sunday, Hana Reza called me. And just so you know, she marah me for good deed I’ve purposely done. She marah me for posting blogposts regarding days in MRSM PC. Katanya that brought her to our oldies time that most of us are missing the most! No doubt, PC is a superstar,kan?

Hee. OK Hana you may reabsorb your tears, I’m not going to dig into my diary and search for any of our sweet memorabilia we had since the precious two years. Those bygones are here inside our left ventricle, right.

For now, I just wanna grab this platinum opportunity to wish all BKP members *Badan Kanak-kanak Pelik* (or Pencapub, I’m always that confused)… HAPPY FIRST ANNIVERSARY for our time capsule! Promise nak bukak in 2017 kan? Awhhh..lamanya πŸ˜₯

Gali kubur Time Capsule
Retarded BKP’s

Till then, IMY so much BKP-ians. Someday gonna meet you guys with all the Dr and Ir titles.

*Naily Zamri*
*Syakirah Azis*
*Mariana Nabila Zuber*
*Hana Reza*
*Rifhan Aliah Nasir*
*Ummu Ammarah Faisal*
*Syazwani Dan Adnan*
*Kiasatina Othman*

Loves πŸ™‚

Wait for another December 9

Nothing much. I know. This is just a blogpost. I’m in HURRY

With regards,
Miss Kiasatina Othman


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