Hellloooo spooky blog! Long time haven’t visit my own blog. So, it is still empty for December’s post so I thought of posting an initial one.

Today, I got nothing much to be done so decided to spend some precious moment with Darling Qee. Aimed for Mid only and involving only both of us. W/o Myra or Anis so went there with Qee’s white myvi. (Everytime I date with someone, mesti White MYVI! Whyyyy???)

The initial plan was to dig for a tot so we headed to Topshop first. First rule was not to choose any of Roxy’s. Budak Qee banned Roxy for a single stupid reason, her purse torn after months. So after a few assessments in Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Dorothy Perkins, Cotton On, Le Sportsac (heee :D), Zara, MNG, Elle, Esprit, Roxy (jenguk jugak), and back to Topshop once again, FINALLY we decided to…choose…ROXY instead! Hahah! So, I’ve break the ‘hoi-polloi’ curse made by my bestie, and finally a Roxy is owned.

Unknown motive

So, lapar. Of course, it was lunch time. Headed for pizza and gained some weights there!


Kingkong sayang!

After all, nice day with u bestie. Qee learned this – Lain kali jangan shop ngan Kia sbb dia pandai memujuk! Yes, I know πŸ˜›

Sorry u guys, December is my crucial month. Got a lot of works to be done.
Dec 11: UKM- 1M’sia Debate
Dec 12-13: Penang- Emcee for Lecturer’s Wed
Dec 16-21: UTHM, Batu Pahat- Royale Debate
Dec unknown: UM- MAWAR’s Emcee

Nak balikkkk!!! And I miss my sayang so much πŸ˜₯ Ye lah kot. Bye!

Miss Kiasatina Othman

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