Eid Eid and Eid!

Yippie, today it was Eid Ul Adha. I just got back from my nenek’s house on my mom’s side. Yes, normally for Eid Ul Adha, I would follow my mom back to her hometown instead of my dad’s since… yes… it ought to be a tradition. *no, I’m lying. I’m my mama’s spoil bratz. Cheese!
OK so… nothing much to be told. It was an archetypal raya with takbir raya in spanking new breezing ambiance, the blessings and the vibrant baju raya. *Again, lying. No one wears new baju raya for Eid Ul Adha. But ought to be rather particular plus, the distinctiveness and merriness of my family, we decided to wear yellow! And all of us did! It was a festive, everyone!!!
Everyone was so in chaos with daging preparation, the jual beli part so it added some bliss there!
The big wok there, abe!” shout all the makciks. *I’m lying. They weren’t using English, sure.
Hah…pisaaa tu bia taje lah awe!” OK! Now u can’t grasp my dialect!
Tambat lembu tuuh kemah keming, kea ungga kokse kea” and all sorts of shouts here and there added some schmaltzy values, definitely. SOBS.
Ye lah kan… got what some of friend who did not have the opportunity to return to their hometown, having holidays with lovely families. Yaww la at least you sacrificed a lot and Allah blessed you lah. But err… you were sleeping for hours kan? heee*kalau org tu baca la blog ni, I would love to say… LOSER* haha.
Raya expression
I love the effect. Really.
Hahah. Self snap!

I told you, when it comes to me, everything is all about me! Raya ke tak, my gambar is my gambar. Hee 😀
Ok laah… tired lah. So many kinds of A-Z have I done today. I cooked (lying), I met my relatives there in kampong and quite to say, I was ecstasied with my Raya and duuuh! I LOVE MY RAYA. Tomorrow gonna meet Tayn and Ara. Joyous! Bye!
Miss Kiasatina Othman

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