Beyond Sacrifices

Phew! Just got back from my Grandma’s house. Yes. Typical one lah kan, its malam raya. What do you expect? Dizzily transform into a potato couch? Naah… never an inclination.

So, this is Raya Aidiladha, everybody! *Err I tried to put some enthusiast tune there, could you sense it? Sense it please!

So, Eid Ul-adhaa is all about sacrifices, am I right? Forgive me if I’m wrong but that’s the way how I define it from the history of this Eid. Me too won’t be in another separation component of this forfeit, yet I’m looking towards one of it. I have this sweetest remembrance ever in my life yet I suffer to erase it. Eliminating the memoir resembles the detoxification process, excruciating yet beneficial.

I know I can’t, part of my heart is repulsing it but I have to.

I know I can’t, part of my life is freezing with no undo, but I have to.

I have thousand and one reasons to erase the part but simply I can’t, but I have to.

Yes, have to. Sigh.

Till then, I’m celebrating my Eid. Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha, Muslims. May Allah forgive us wherever we are.

Err… blog without some pics would be way too bored. So, I was digging inside my photo albums, and then I found these snaps. Yaa laa.. They are not raya pictures, but the scenery resembles one. Bye!

My permanent Emcee Partner.

We are KK12 family and we loooove to each other!

Well, that’s all!

Selamat Hari Raya.


Miss Kiasatina Othman.

p/s oh. Suddenly I teringat this lyrics. I love the sinetron Alisa (like u care?) Bila kan menangis.. aku kan menangis. Tapi air mata ini.. telah habis.


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