It’s Not a Birthday.Sigh

The air was thick. Thick with air-conditioner of course. The breeze was chilling but inside, it was burning. The thickness of the duvet, perhaps. And my cell phone was screaming (not likely to scream,it was a lullaby that I use for my ringtone). Anddd…it was Qee. Yes, Qee nak buat surprise birthday call lah konon? Hee πŸ˜€

So, well being in a happy brand new day, it was time to move on and sit for MUET!!!

SO, SMK Zainab 1 ahead as early as 7.00!

First legal snap of mine!

Meet a lot of my spouses there. And sure, they do wish me some birthday wishes. And MUET taken.

Birthday celebration (Quite a secret). I’m regarding this as a celebration but its an experience instead.An experience of RM50 worth only. Heee. Malas lah nak ulas dengan lebih lanjut.

Back then, I wasn’t in the mood to go back home since I told my mom to pick me up at 5 in the mall but the ‘celebration’ seemed to be a lil bit faster than I thought. 3pm, without realization, I found myself inside Aliphunk n Lanlan’s car. Haha. Yes, we bumped to each other and since I was alone there in the mall, I decided to join them to accessorize the Neo. One thing here, don’t regard me as a bitch, hoil-polloi legal girl. U dunno the story behind so.. yeah..push away your assumptions.

PhunkAlif, smart tak aku snap?

Followed them to the car workshop. Aliphunk wished to paste a windshield so yeah… I was in a workshop in Jalan Katik Ali for about an hour. Hee πŸ˜€

Thanks Aliphunk and Lan to make my birthday a ‘remarkable’ one. Well, at least I had some chaos on my 18!


p/s N oh! For the first time of my life, I got no birthday cake. What a legalism!
Thanks everybody for the wishes πŸ˜€

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