My Xylem


It was my first Malay lesson for my Form 4 age after being streamed according to our PMR result and penchant in furthering studies in Upper Secondary. I was in Form 4 Cekal with my deskmates, Shanna and Hunny, quite to say, focusing on our lessons when out of the blue, all of our hearing senses caught splendid shrieks from our buddies outside of the classroom. What happened meh?

“Arrr!! Dapat Seri Puteri!

“Yahhoooo!! Dapat SPB!”

Ouh… so they got the offer to pursue their studies in boarding schools. Okay. No fair! I also applied for a place there! Why am I not chosen?

Teacher in front of the class : Don’t be despair to those yang tak dapat. MRSM punya result next week. InsyaAllah, kalau ada rezeki nanti dapat la tu…

A week later…

The result for MRSM was finally out. It was approaching dawn when my dad woke me up from my contented sleep and asked for my Angka Giliran number. Mumbling, I told him the number and while waiting for the server performing their duties, browsing for the answer of my still-blurred-future, I managed to sleep for a while! Hee!

Abah : ALOOONGG!! Dapat! MRSM Pengkalan Chepa! (He kissed me on my forehead)

In a super undeniably mixed feeling surged me, I had nothing to utter except… ALHAMDULILLAH!!

18th February 2008.

First step made in MRSM Pengkalan Chepa. Excitedness wrenched into nervousness, dumped in a feeling hardly prescribed stimulated my medulla oblongata to merely whisper to my nerve, “This is your new place. Don’t ever look back and you’ll find your shine here. This is gonna be exciting!” The opposite occurred. Of course. I’m not that strong to forgo all my freedom outside, being a free breed teenager with all the cool buddies I have.

Life wasn’t that easy. Making friends with new batch mates, new seniors, wasn’t that trouble-free!

3rd December 2009

Final dot for SPM Chemistry 2009! Finally! FREEDOM, everybody! And sure… the final moment of being a student of MRSM Pengkalan Chepa, expressing our geniusness on exam papers. Two years, four semesters, it’s not enough. It’s never enough for a place too hard to be replaced. It’s never enough for a place that conquer an enormous portion in my heart. Regardless all the homesicks feelings that accompanying me for two years, and all the sickening idle rules, I still tag myself as a student of MRSM PENGKALAN CHEPA and not an ex student of MRSM PENGKALAN CHEPA. Because for most of the time, for most of the hours, for most of the minutes, for most of the seconds, my heart always whispers me this lullaby- I LOVE YOU, MRSM PENGKALAN CHEPA.

And if you’re inquisitive enough with my regular route in MRSM PENGKALAN CHEPA that kept me missing those splendid ages, do consider clicking on this link. Once Upon A Time… I Was There.

Miss being in society!

Classmates love to each otherHere is where you learn to appreciate BATIK

No matter how juling they are, I love them

Till our Graduation Day, it’s never the end for me

Sometimes, eternity love does exist.


Miss Kiasatina Othman


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