Terengganu Calls

Sannndyyy beach! Always something I don’t like! Why?Simply because I don’t have a mere chemistry with glazing sun or sandy errr…beach.Haha.But man!We’re everchanging!I found myself loving the beach now.I love the way it wipes away my anxiety,burning up the passion of being emotional deep inside here,bleaching some heart pains bla bla etc! Sekarang apa nak takut? Skin dah cukup burn in PASUM. Bhaha.

So,my location?I dunno what does this beach is officially called but the resort I’d stayed for 2 days was named Gem’s Beach Resort in Kuala Terengganu.Know what, as soon as I arrived Sultan Ismail’s Airport, my dad straightly brought me to KT and it was a loooong journey! Tiring duh! Naahh not officially a holiday,my abah got a conference here so yarh..sambil menyelam,minum lah air gulp gulp!Of course I hate mixing with his buddies esp when it comes to the matter of fact that I’ve to cover almost everything in front of all those folks.Yawn.

But whatever it is,I do enjoy my stay here XD Wi-fi seemed to be a bit helpful.The place was a picturesque one,really I am complimenting a beach in East Coast *memang lawa* but I snapped only a few.Because for most of the time,I turned on my fav tunes by the poolside…thinking of him.That’s why I loved it XD

Pic talks!

Pretending. Not a candidate for a safeguard vacancy!

Boy! Is my tongue flexible or what?
I hate typical peace!

Seriously I’m checking the ISO!

Poolside!Again…It’s refraction of light. It occurs when light travels in different medium with different refraction index. My legs are LONGER!!
I didn’t swim! Haha

Buhbye time! Err,your bumps are hot lah adik!

People always told us that we have nothing in common. Baby, that’s fact.
Muahaha.Erk the most interesting part was that,got this one fella,he was a son of my dad’s buddy.We had dinner together that night and he seemed to be a lil bit shy.No need to shy lah,i got my boy already *wah tak pasal2* Hahah.Apa yang tak leh blah,he got that 100% copy and paste look of my…my friend ๐Ÿ™‚ Yah.My friend.Crazy moment with him?Yah..just once.I was standing by the poolside and called my…my friend to wake *** up and just after I got the phone hung,I twisted my bod back and taraaaa!! *Hai… OMG. Getting speechless, I was like…Whoah!Kenapa muka korang sama eh? And with that, I turned to my original, initial position and pretending that I called someone else. =.=” Huu.

Err..guys, sory la not that much pic. Actually I was snapping pictures using dad’s DSLR so when it comes to my own camera, everything is all about me n not the scenery. My brother snapped most of my pics so it was like =.=” Shits are better. *Qee thought me to use shit n i’m addicted! Muahaha.

OK. Done. Now, home resting! It suppose to be better!


With regards,
Miss Kiasatina Othman.

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