13 Birthday Trivia

~ Kinda enthusiastic approaching legalism. SO here I am splitting some truth about myself~

1. I was borne at 5.10am on November the thirteen and it befell on Friday. Blessed.

The underweight gains weight!

2. I was borne being underweight that is 2.05kg and being incubated for 2 weeks.Err wish I’m underweight now.
Err maaf. Tak kenal!

3. I was borne with this typical illness and was subjected for an operation months after I was borne but then it was postponed because I had a severe fever.

4. My mom thought of naming me Adrianna Asyiqin binti Othman. But it collided with my grandpa’s choice..that is Siti Khadijah binti Othman. So, this kinda collision resulted in a new Kiasatina binti Othman. Short n sweet πŸ™‚

5. I’m the eldest in my family yet I my birthday is the most year-end one!

6. I had this deep crush on Toddy Taufan Wahyudi (Bawang Merah Bawang Putih actor) so I insisted my dad for a vacation to Jakarta, Indonesia for my 14th birthday present. So, sarcastically,we went there but the sad thing is, can’t get any glimpse of Toddy. Yang ku kecewa sangat, leading actor and actresses of BMBP came to Malaysia for Jom Heboh! OMG!!

7. 15th birthday, I got injured on consequences of The Agenda’s surprises! Sakit taw but then thanks you guys πŸ™‚

8. 16th birthday sweet sangat sebab… sebab… Khairul Anam balik from Alexandria,Egypt just for my birthday surprise! Ngee~ At first he kept his homecoming as a secret but I managed to figure it out from his brother. When he turned so gelabah, he finally admit it XD Notty! He told me he will come back on this particular day but he surprised me with a week earlier homecoming! Weee thanks Anam XD

9. 17th birthday! Sweetest birthday ever! Guys, do click on this link. My Sweet Seventeen!

10. 18th birthday is approaching. And..it fells on MUET Day. What a fish!

11. Throughout my life, I shared the same birthday with Aiman Ramli, Aribah Aida, Roslaily Ismail and Fera Aisyah πŸ™‚ Twins πŸ™‚

12. For my 17th birthday too, I got four teddy bears so I’m quite sick for teddy bears! I got Momoon from Tayn, Eugene from Naily, Booboo from my sis, and oh! Halimah Jongang from Azri.Hee XD. Tapi i sayang Hemohemo I je πŸ™‚

3/4 that is obtained last year ;D

13. To be frank, I’m not expecting presents for birthdays. This year it would be enough for me to spend my precious time with my souls… Hermherm XD I’m not a big girl yet, and I don’t want to be one. Sometimes, I do sighed over ages,why do I have to grow up?I wanna forever being my mama’s daughter,never grew up…haha.But things occur naturally, Kiaaaa So till then, birthdays are always my most-awaited. I do love the accompanying surprises!

You know what I want as my birthday present this year???

I want to…


Hell yeah.Impossible. Sigh…

Till then,thanks for the reading!

Miss Kiasatina Othman.

Would love to hear from you!

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