Almost 12 hours of this freeeedom! Yarh what a glee. That’s how life in UM supposed to be. Like seriously, I never cried these much before I entered PASUM, I’ve never sighed these lot since I have to deal with something I ought to understand but no matter how hard I pushed myself towards the effort, it still seems to be impermeable! I’m pseudo-18 (I’m not pretending,I’m not yet reaching 18) but there…bunches of challenge smiled at me, wrinkling my nerves, fractured into pieces… GOD… how cynical life could be!

**Apa laa i mengarut??**

Well, after a few hours after the pseudo-freedom, me accompanied by Mira n Anis went to the tasik *again* to menggatal2 a bit πŸ˜‰ Nyaw. Why don’t we hang some asses out there in Mid Valley or even Suria KLCC for the new launch of the Topman outlet? Simply because.. we are M O N E Y L E S S… Muahaha. Tak lah, malas lah. Lepak tasik, what else can we do rather than watching over cute fishes *inside the tasik kumbahan* and sure, dinner by the lakeside. Pictures snapped, for sure. That’s the usage of digital gadgets kan?

Asyik asyik gambar ngan Mira kan?? Sebab sayang Mira :0

Hee. And and naik bilik, of course re-on9. Facebooking skill has to be nourished! And daaaa!! I got a surprise from my senior! And that’s truly to honor!! That’s HOW life in UM SUPPOSED to be! Appreciate that much πŸ™‚ LY lots!

Till then.

Miss Kiasatina Othman.

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