Yawn and groan!! Finally it’s gone!

Yaay!! Finally it’s the final of the finale, people. Boom your fireworks!! SO, a fortnight being trapped inside the mollusc shell of finale week, finally I managed to report almost everything regarding this tortures πŸ˜‰

1. Varieties of study skills. Menonngeng, meniarap, melenggang.. Semua I try! Haha. No lah. Of course, my study time would always start a day before I face the paper so *yeah.. ppl defined it as last minute study*. So, I got quite hesita
te about this but whether I’m in love with it or not, still it is something I ought to digest. I suka study kat tasik lah throughout these exam weeks. Yarh, Tasik KUMBAHAN but still, a picturesque scenery compared to C624 =.=” Mira is the one who love to entertain me (because she wants to ensure me having my dinner). Study petang cara petang, study malam cara malam. Penat you.. but then HAVE TO!

Yawnnn! Blajar Physics di TASIK okei πŸ™‚


2. Hesitation going too far away to the BANGUNAN PEPERIKSAAN is something I can’t deny. I hate distance walking. Yang cool, for twice, Qee drove her MV there so quite leg-aching savior lah! Hee πŸ™‚

3. Yang best… boleh jumpa dia tu hari hari. Muahaha. GATAL!

Papers review :

FMAX0111 (Basic Physics I) : Considerable.
FMAX0112 (Basic Physics II) : Quite YAHOO!
FQAH0111 (Cell Biology) : Perfect!
FQAH0112 (Reproduction,Ecology,Growth Biology) : Perfect!
FJAX0111 (Algebra and Geometry) : Chronic.ICU.Mati
FJAX0112 (Calculus) : Peeerfect πŸ™‚
FKAX0111 (Basic Chemistry I) : KUBUR.
FKAX0112 (Basic Chemistry II) : Erm.Lil considerable.

People, I target 3.00 above je.Muahaha πŸ™‚

Naily n Shanz : Congrats for your 4.00 πŸ˜‰ Tayn, congrats!

Teruk la musim exam. A lot of circumstances dropped by this time. Mula-mula sweet lah seposen, pastu mula jadi pening-pening sampai i pon hairan (kecewa) why laa all these things must come to me during my finale?? Yawn and yawn but ILY. I meroyan itu ini but yeah, it’s my drug!

Haha. Actually I’m not yet done with my final. Still got my FB011 (English) paper tomorrow but then let’s consider everything’s done for the crucial part! Meooow πŸ™‚
Yet,I nak baliiiiiiiiiiiiik!!!

Regards, Miss Kiasatina Othman


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