Nothing’s Lame

Hey people! Second post for today *Indicating how BORED and enthusiast I am! Yihii.

Before I proceed further, I would kindly love to inform you guys that I’ve added (nah nah..substituted) my blog’s music element. Yup, all these while, this blog would kindly play a tune in the air automatically once you browse in here but this time,I’ve changed my server and if you’re craving for a tune,feel free to click on the ‘Play‘ button on the “Because My Heart Sings” widget box okayh! Otherwise u’ll be dead in silence duh! For the current pick, I’m hooked up to Enrique’s + Nicole’s Heartbeat! Weee πŸ™‚

So so. It’s pseudofreedom today. Everything seemed to be sooo perfect today. Pagi tadi I happy sangat sangat sangat!!! Semalam I meroyan *hobi terbaru*. Meroyan why meroyan? I’m sickly missing my home okayh! Sobs 😦 I rindu my mom of course and it hurts a lot okayh. You just can’t figured it out how does it feels when your roommate brings her mummy into the room, hugging her mummy as if to form a Van der Waals forces of attraction, sits on her mummy lap. OK. Jealous. Mama!

This is November, people. I’ve been waiting for November actually! (As usual). I’m a typically hardworking girl so this is what I’ve done for every single days in UM, finger-counting on my calender. I rajin taw menanda2 because I know I’m borne being forgetful. Namely human.

The bygone October

Awaited November!

November 2, Qee’s birthday :) Banyak kali kan I tulis pasal Qee kat blog? Well, Qee is my bestie here with Mira in UM. Kami belangkas. Kat mana ada Kia, kat situ ada Mira or Qee. Well well, I still don’t have this chance to promote Qee’s birthday in my blog since the exam boundary is too tight but hey! Happy legal Qee! I know a strong, enthusiast Aqilah Zafirah Hanis Ismail in my life n just so you know, I want here to stay by my side forever! Kami dah declare taw KAMI LESBIAN *bangang! So Qee, stay comel! ILY ILY!!!

Qee Hanis loves Kia. Kia knows.

Next, nak balik! And wanna spend the rest of my life in my hometown *sadis*. My birthday is approaching huahaa but on MUET day! What a chihuahua! What a blast! πŸ™‚

Okay la. Tired edi. Bye!

Regards, Miss Kiasatina


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