29 October 2010

Quick grab yah!

Yah! Glee! That’s all. A beautiful ending, a lovely starting πŸ™‚ Today is our last paper for this week. Finally! Can’t believe that our first term is almost over. (Better believe it). Of course lah, there would be some more next week. Instead, next week is tougher. Physics II, Chems II, Cell Biology, English. Hailaa… tough tough je. Haish, that’s how life works doo,no pain no gain. I love the way Syafiq Subri wrote in his blog regarding his ‘beautiful’ expressions towards this Finale and I guess I would just nod my approval emancipating those epics.. Alhamdulillah, Physics I today was really helpful.*Malas la nak type,I’m sleepyyyy 😦 And, thanks for this starting.

Till then, I’m lazy! Da!

With Love,
Love Aqilah Zafirah Hanis Ismail
Love Tayn Fatihah Rusli


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