Now it arrives. It rushes my adrenaline tonnes and tonnes meltaway! OKAY 🙂 I will be having my finale exam starting from tomorrow and it lasts for a fortnight. AKA will be living a hell life for two weeks 🙂 Meow.

Ye? Apa tengok2?? Belajar OKAY 🙂

~Monday : Calculus
~Tuesday : Reproduction, Ecology and Growth of Organisms Biology
~Weds : Basic Chemistry I
~Thurs : Algebra and Geometry
~Friday : Basic Physics I
~Monday : Basic Chemistry II
~Tuesday : Cell Biology
~Wednesday : Basic Physics II
~Thursday : Preparatory English I,II,III

OK!Thats it 😉 Wish me lucks people.

O’ Allah, give me strength, give me faith, swimming thru the challenges and tests You provide me in life…


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