Woohoo. Today I’m freaking tired but then I got totally amused with today’s update!

It’s all started with a 3 hours lecture in DKU but I managed to escape. Well, lapar la bhai. So, since today Qee drove to UM, we decided to leisure some asses o
ut there. She first text me as early in the morning, asking me, “Kia, hidup lagi tak ni? Takut dah mati kebuluran.. “At first thought of having some mamak breakfast at AliBaba’s but Anis n Imah demanded for MidValley. Gelenya lah. Hee πŸ™‚ Lastly, I was the one to decide since I was the co-driver. Err.. why not kita cuba Bangsar? Tak pernah lepak kot situ. OOOOOOK! Wey, Bangsar was really like a food heaven. Say what u wanna eat, freakily they would be instantly served lah!

Qee : Nak dalam Bangsar Village ke kedai seketul?
Me : Seketul lah. Park dalam BV, nanti merayap ah.
Qee : OK *considering Dellicious n TGI Friday.

Tak tahu la y cerah sangat. Hahah

**Myvi successfully parked** and we had a confusing time to decide which restraurant, bistro, cafe, to have our dine. Lastly, lepak Papparich and eagerly waiting for our foods. Lapar doo..22 hours without stomach being filled, u guys think we r dinosaurs or what?? Finally, the foods were successfully vacuumed inside our stomachs.

Me : Char Kuey Teow + Tea with Coffee Jelly (best doo)
Qee : Curry Dry Mee (nampak cam mi kicap) + Iced Lemon Tea
Anis : Nasi Lemak + Iced Tea
Imah : Pappa Fried Rice + Red Bean Concentrate (best kot!)
Well… kopitiam..takkan nak expect steaks kot. BUT BANGSAR IS A FOOOOD HEAVEN!

Anis n Fahimah

**Back to UM**

Well, starting from 5pm, I was inside the Dewan Gemilang. Preparing f
or tonight’s event. Crazily tearing off the carpet rolls (sampai tangan luka2), vacuuming the carpets, technical appliances n brief with Bro Ierwan from Telaga Biru. Haruu kot I cari my sandal x jumpa, I asked Danial where is my sandal? (Muka innocent lagi spirulina) Alaa Kia, takkan tak nampak kot? Cari ngan mata…

I glanced at my back and saw on the fire extinguisher, the another pair of my ROXY was there. Gelabaah punya Danial! Chased over him, and he was running+laughing. So does Paul. EH? Ni pehal gelak? Mesti subahat! Again, chasing them. Geram kot! *Ampun Kia…bukan aku.. Paul yang buat!* hee πŸ™‚
So, back to the task, I was tasked by Hadi to vacuum the carpet. Like… err? AKU KE? OK πŸ™‚ Excited je… Again, being the subject of ROTFL-ing by Danial and Afiq. Ye la.. aku main penyapu je kot! Korang takpe guna vacuum kat rumah =.=” hee πŸ˜‰

Hee… Dorang cakap i budak kecik pakai jubah, macam Telletubies Po.

9pm : Gila kalut. Me n Afiq attended the short brief session with Ustaz Pahrol and Ustaz Wan Nasri (adored them) to get infos about the forum session. Hee.
12am : Apahal ni Afiq majlis tak habis lagi?? Mengantuk kot… M
e n Afiq were completely merapu-ing during our handling session for the ceremony.

1am : Kemas dewan pulak.. Haila… But had a total fun! By the time ada students tolong jugak. Suka lah πŸ™‚

Hee first trial with Jubah πŸ™‚

Those are few snaps of my fav emcee partner! Afiq Hazimi πŸ™‚

Till then, ILY guys JKP people!

~Love Meo
~Love Bashira
~Love Kauthar
~Love Pidah
~Love Afiq
~Love Ekin
~Love Izhar
~Love Danial
~Love Atok
~Love Hadi
~Love Zawani
~Love Amir
~Love Zhafiq
~Love Arina
~Love Eja
~Love Ucop
~Love Nadhirah
~Love Paul Nickson

πŸ™‚ Next year plz stay UM. ILY guys πŸ™‚ Success lagi project kita nohh!! Happy πŸ™‚

p/s What Ustaz Wan Nasri told us tonite is a remarkable statement. “Kita tak selalu dapat apa yang kita nak dalam hidup”

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