MUET eh?

Haila! Tomorrow I got MUET Speaking Test maaa~ Wish me all the best, best of lucks, best of wishes, goodlucks hapa hapa semua that has the same altitude and gratitude (??) with GOODLUCKS okei everybody!!

I’m quite scared. Just so you know, I have the right for the BAND 6 (in fact, everyone does!) SO I’m going to strive for it! Errrr by??? Practicing with THE KING FACEBOOK! Haila… kartun betol i nih! What the fish. Nak call mama pun she’s still in Bangkok so tak dapet la eden nak practice noh!

OKEI. Before I proceed further with my mumbling-what-am-I-talking??? session, it’s better for me to let go now! *LET GO??? Hurgh I’m not that real now. Bye!

Oh… btw, some MUET craziness shown on Facebook.

Thanks Ahmad Nazirin for these tips. Bukan pujukproof sangat Nazirin nih! Call je dia bagitaw la nak buat camna menda alah ni… =.=”


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