Hiyya! OK, you wanna listen to any other routine of mine studying till it’s late of night? Or do you prefer a ‘picture-tells-thousand-moments’? Nah… rather cliche lah. But then, I’m too lazy to keep on stereowinding on the same route, so here we go, MIDNIGHT… STUDIES. Heee =.=”

Woke up when someone called me. Thanks, awak πŸ™‚ Bangun sembahyang Subuh je and then resuming my sleep. Re-woke up at 7.45am when I realized that it’s time for me to get outta the duvet and be ready for my date with Amy. Where? Where ah??? Huhu we’re heading to the Library of The University of Malaya! Well, imma swift person so it took me only a few minutes to get ready. And taraaaa!! Reaching library…

Urm, I do admit that I’m a bit jakun with that library, it’s my first time stepping my feet there. Wahh.. best doo library ni! *Nak usha abang2 engineering lah konon =.=” And Amy said, “Abang2 engineering tak mai library, dorang pergi disco doo.. Library apa class?” hahaha…


12.30. There was a battlefield inside my stomach. Weh? I was starving by the moment so I get started with my drama being a millipede. “Mira…lapar 😦 Jom la makan…”

Heeee πŸ™‚ Weh I’m damn lazy to write about this. I concluded this into simple phrases, I had nasi ayam there with Amy and her cousin.
Eat lah!

2.30. Tired. Yawww time to get back to our college! Buy scoops of strawberry ice cream (My fav!) from Dairy Fresh and daaaa library! You’ve provide me with a pleasurable weekend but I’m damn lazy to write bout u.. I’m sleepy. da..

My fav!! Comel je kan warna pink???
p/s Happy Legal to my dearie cousin, ASYI RUZAIDI πŸ™‚ May Allah bless u, love.. hee


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