I’m Writeless

Again eh, days nowadays started at 12am, freshly-breed en route for my time table, but not for routines created centuries ago. So, back from Dewan Gemilang whereby we have this kinda event with The College Master, and me with Izhar Mustaqin becoming the emcee for the night. Got quite a few sms-es from, yeah I consider not that important for me to reply. I was waiting for another’s sms but but seemed like it repulsed me quite strong, nvm lah. Dooo… to regain my mood, I snapped quite a few pictures, self-posed of course.

Popo famous sebab masuk blog Kia. Heee πŸ˜€

Heee πŸ˜€ Cuba buat muka cute.


Hurm =.-‘ What shall I write nehh?? Well, I studied a bit of course. Biology and also Physics before my eyes began to shut by 3.15am. I’m not that kinda person who can stay up a bit long, esp for my dearie studies hehe so, off with notes, hello my lovely duvet! By the time, my roommate wasn’t in the room because she was studying with Fahimah outside so yeah… self-zzzz.

4.40am :: My roommate came back. “Lah?? Kau ada dalam bilik Kia? Kau tak turun eh??”
Me : still mumbling,” Apa nye?? Turun mana pulak??”
Anis : “Dorang buat fire drill dooo… kau tak dengar ke? Macam disaster kot alarm ngan ketuk2 pintu bilik!”
Hurm, OK. Statement : Saya memang tidur MATI. Adoiii teruk betul lah! I’m feeling damn guilty for not attending that drill *I LIKE IT FOR QUITE SOMETIMES* hehe ;))

So, this morning mama called and then informed me. Mama kat airport ni, tak ingat nak cakap kat Along kitorang nak pergi Bangkok. Flight this morning. Pasni along habis exam, along plak holiday ok. Bye, malam ni mama call from there. WHAAAATT?? Sampai hati, saya selalu jadi anak tiri =.=”

So, enough lah! Gotta shut for my power nap now! Got lectures in another 2 hours. Daaaa~

p/s Oh. Got this one person asked me yesterday’s morning regarding my fav color, I LIKE PEACH AND WHITE COLOR u :))

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