Its All About NOTES

Hee.. Just had my dinner so now waiting for the foods to be digested, I’ve decide to spare some moment for my blog.

Youp today is so a… a… tiring day actually. I guess it started with 12 in the morning kan kan? So by that time, I was studying with my daughter, Amy *hehe. We were revolutionizing something about Organic Chemistry and Calculus. Well of course, finale is approaching, so what do you expect? We just sit back and relax? And cry over spilled milk? Nah… never a preference.

So, Amy could stand just for a few hours thus she decided to blow me some “Goodnyte-Mummy-Kisskiss”. But I felt so wrong not to burn some midnight oil since I’m damn weak in Organic Chems. Despite of some desperation towards something awaited, I decided to stay a bit longer. I wait… n wait… n wait… but nothing comes out. OK πŸ™‚ I will snap some picture. Just in case you’ll contact me later.

STOPPPPPPPPPPPP!!! Study resume in progress…

3 hours later….

Where r u ni???



Wait lah for a while…


Fine ah…

Off with NOTES! U go to hell! GERAMMMM!


First thing first, grabbed the phone for any new notifications. STILL MAMAI taw but then, never mind, I’ll dig and dig and dig… OK nothing. Again, OFF TO H**L!

Downstairs, cafe and had some breakfast with Amy. *Amy lagi. Heee πŸ˜€
While Amy was buying cups of Nescafe’s, I still dug for my cell phone when I realized there’s a msg from… OK! God forbidden these things! Why am I this blind??? OMG… OK OK. (Korang tak paham ni tapi takpe lah)

** Hurm, decided not to reply**

Off to lectures and classes till it’s evening


Yawww Puan Mahanom’s Ecology and Animal Diversity wrap up class! We had a pleasurable time in DKA before being substituted to DKB. Menyemak je N group.

Bieha, Me, Saii and err… a bit of Puteri’s

Then, PM Abd Majid’s Plant Diversity wrap up class. This one is unforgettable lah wey! I’ve been laser-shot by him and shall ask a question. Gosh, I dunno what I’ve asked him but one thing for sure, the feedback I received is a ridiculous one.


Fine, my lecturer loves me. NABIHAH??? Answer this!!

5.30p.m. reaching my room, Facebook a while and sleep.
Off to dinner, still waiting but it’s still nothing.
Now, I’m blogging.

Till this point, I’m waiting.


NVM… OFF to meeting now~



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