Weee 🙂 Dusty clean all over this blog plz! Haven’t been updated for ages, even the owner get overbored now. Heee 🙂

So so people,I’m not here for long. Just arrived KL after a hilarious *errr* weekend spent in Kelantan. What a blast! And now have to really focus on my final exam. Back to UM meaning I’m back to the ‘civilization‘ after days of blessed at home. Ironically when people are getting ca
talyzed with their indescribable inches of notes, I’m getting quite triggered in expressing my thoughts now. Hee 🙂

Well people, 3 things mounting on top now.

1. FINALE (don’t have to describe lah)


Hurgh? U guys noticed or not my new blog song??? *Gilaaa Malay English ayat nih! Haha* Well, it is called Wait for You by Elliot Yamin. Call me a ‘jakuner’ lah but then I love this song so much. Unlike age, years aren’t just number of course, it gets revolutionized annually. Nyawww I’m mumbling!


I bukan nak kahwin.. But I’m quite excited with people’s weddings nowadays. The fever is quite favorable for Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar’s “Kayangan Wedding” but I’m not interested w
ith that. He doesn’t even know me though we had met back then in the year 2009. Huhurm… I’m thrilled with my teacher’s wedding actually. She’s quite to say, the HOTTEST teacher in MRSM PC. And now she’s married to her soulmate, well I consider that’s soooo sweet! 🙂
Pergh… Cg Jue is really my idol. I LOVE her bod, like seriously hot! Additional value, she’s SMART and she’s CUTE :)) She’s WITTY and she’s SWEETTTT. She loves PINK 🙂

Hah. My cikgu Jue 🙂 Cantik kan kan kan???
My idol lah. Wannabe like cikgu jue when I grow up. Err, not growing up enough eh??haha

*Yes,my main point is to emphasize how body curve been highlighted.
We are women okei. Like seriously, physical beings play the crucial-EST role!!


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