How Could You Miss Someone You Never Had?

I wish you knew the way I felt
And if you did your heart would melt
The feeling that are bottled up deep inside
But still I continue to tell that lie.
The lie that come out as nothing
When yet we both know there something
Something floating around in my head
Even at night when I’m laying in bed
Thoughts of you racing around
But still I am constantly bound
Trying to find the right words to say
While the whole time I sit and pray
Not only for the day we can be more than friends
But when we no longer have to lie and live this trend
About how we just talk
And never went on that walk
Staying on the phone forever
And the whole time I am prayin never
For you to never let me go
But I guess it probably shows
I wait for the day
When I wont have to pray
And be able to lay in your arms again
And know then that were more than just friends

~ From within this dream, now I realized this is JUST A DREAM ~


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