Balik Kampung

Oh oh I have another out of the ordinary chronicle regarding Ramadhan experiences. OK, before I proceed further, I would love to kindly remind those who did not know me well, I am a Kelantanese who obtained this sort of opportunity to further my studies in Kuala Lumpur. (cheah, apasal bajet sangat ni??) Haha that’s not my point. What am I stressing here is that, I have this chances to be an ‘anak perantauan’ who traveled back there from KL to KB for her so-long-awaited Raya Holiday. This is my first time to travel by bus actually, but discarding all those scariness I have to face, I have to say this, I LOVE TRAVELLING WITH MY ASASIAN MATES BY BUS. Woot wooot!!!

The story began with a journey befell on September 3rd, 2010.

5.00 p.m. (Universiti Malaya to Stesen LRT Universiti)

Flock in a group of 4, consisting of me, Akyl, Mujahidah n Ruby, we all headed to the University Station which takes about a lot of kilometers from our consign. Agak nak tercabut kaki by that time, but I have to provide evidence that I’m an iron lady! Sweating under the scorching glaze of the sun heat, plus the heaviness of two bags I have to carry that time (gelabah je, padahal luggage + laptop bag je). Oh and the hilarious thing ever happened that time was that, I wasn’t aware when I have to cross the intense traffic road. I just plainly crossed without being cautious with the traffic approaching me. Suddenly, a motorcycle with fairly high velocity came by but I have exactly no other words to be stimulated to, so I just screamed- JANGAN LANGGAR SAYA!!! Ok. That was stupid. Akyl was laughing to death for me. Takpe takpe…

6.15 p.m. (Stesen LRT Universiti to KL Sentral)

Tung4x! KL Sentral, KL Sentral! Hooray! We made it to arrive KL Sentral by time. Straightly headed to the above food court and getting for our breaking the fast reservation. By this time, I admit that I’ve lost quite a high fraction of my energy level. Hurgh tired tired. Luckily, we managed to break our fast together, so slowly the energy has been rebooted!

3rd Platform, KL Sentral

9.00 p.m. (KL Sentral à Stesen Putra)

OMG! This was the most adventurous, abdomen-killing one! KTM which is so called with their ‘superior-grade’ services, had served us with a few delays, making our hearts pounded loudly and our medulla oblongata stirring confusedly whether we could make it on time or not! Can… cannot… can… cannot… Half an hour later, we miraculously found ourselves in the Stesen KTM Putra.

Me n Mujahidah *Muja Fewa*

Depa semua x sabaq nak balik naaa!

Owww yeah… So, the journey began…

Approaching midnight, inside the swaying bus. Weee weeeee weeeeeeeee~

Dah dah.. malas nak cerita la apa jadi dalam bas tu. Biarlah the happiness tu I rasa sorang. I tak nak share. Duhhhh~

OK. So u guys nak taw tak apa yang buat I menyampah + pissed off teramat sangat dalam bas tu? Alright. When we were stopping by the perhentian Merapoh, my eyes were widely awaken when I realized that there were quite a lot of UM’s buses surrounding our eye views! WTF??? My bumps were cramping, paining till my last bone in that bas tambahan and then those senior were shuddering inside the physically lavish buses??? No FAIR DOOO~

September 4th, 2010 (In the radius of Kuala Krai)

OH YEAH!!! Arriving KK, meaning another couple of hours before reaching home. I can tell you how agitated my adrenalines was that time, all I can notice from the window of the bus was the glairiness of my state, with Lagu Raya stereoring in my psyche. Ho ho ho BALIK KAMPUNG!!! HATI GIRANG~~~~

Brrr brrr brrr *Effect bas jadi shaking2 camtu*

Alamak bhai… kenapa pula ni??? After listening to the driver’s explanation, I just smiled and wondered what’s next?? OK, BAS ROSAK. I got the point. But, but… my house is like stone throw from where we were that time. Kuala Krai and Kota Bharu! That would take hours OK. So, sarcastically, the pakcik told the rest of the passengers to be in the sense of independent, by riding in another bus to Machang, or whichever options you are acquainted with.. FU*K.

Being redha that time, all of us (ASASIANS OF UNIVERSITI MALAYA) snap a few pics and laughed out loud for the scene was like being dragged from Raya movie, and now adapted to different characters. Lively!!!

The redha ASASIANS

Me myself was included ok! I baru nk upload gamba i sebab sebenarnya baju ni sama ngan i pergi sunway dat day. Maluuu dek org ok! Kantoi baju sama!

OK OK… apa apa je for korang. But not me, I just hate waiting sooo much and obviously, I hated the situation. Guess what? I really have to get outta there and reach home, dump on my bed, immediately! Lalalala… sooner, I guessed it was my luck when an additional traveling bus passed by the pavement and offer rides to KB for two passengers. Pergh! Orang dah tido disorongkan bantal! Finally, me n Akyl decided to get into the bus, be serene for about an hour and half, reaching The Horizon Garden Restaurant, being dropped by and taddaaaaa!! My parents finally fetched us. Akyl was then being sent by my parents to his house which was nearby.

And me… after hours of tragic Raya journey, is now safely home!!! And I’m feeling goooooooooooooood…

p/s To ride on a bus is exactly not an option if you are alone OK sayangs!


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