Janda-janda Day Out

Woot woot!!! As promised, I am now posting my girlfriends day out entry! Actually this is our last time to celebrate our Ramadhan as Asasians in University of Malaya, but this is our FIRST to date with the whole gang namely me, Qeela, Mira n Anis. To make it brief and sweet, I’ve decided to use initials. K,Q,M,A

OK. I’m quite hesitate right now to jot *mumble* the whole story, so let’s the pics do the talks!

From University Malaya –> Sunway Pyramid. These are the road talks!

The four of us πŸ™‚

Iklan sebentar πŸ™‚

OK, Finally reaching there. Before that, posed a lil bit in the basement.

M,K,A *Mary Kate and Ashley* haha.

Model GP??? Gila Posing.


Hah. Yang jakun sgt, ni la Sunway Pyramid tuh… *heheh

Eh eh??? All of sudden I am relaxing by a railway track??? Where are we???

Tadaaa!! We are here! Stesen KTM Sunway Pyramid!

Where ah where??? Haiya.. no lah u guys.. Actually that was kinda the decoration theme for Raya made by Sunway Pyramid this year. I found it quite amusing lah. A scenery of a railway station. *LAME LAME LAME*

So, what else could you ever do in a place worthwhile every single memory spaces of your USB Card???


So, here are some…
Bye…i nak pulang Kelantan!

Hai… i jenguk ni… Dari window KTM ok??

Pon pon!!! Announcing the arrival of Queen Kiasatina in her KTM!

Amik kau. Terperasan sgt, tercampak la kat railway track!

Run for your life, Q!!! AR is waiting!!!

Ni sorang tersesat wish selamat hari raya~ Its okay darl, i understand :0

This is another one. Makcik A rides on scoot to Perak, to meet her S! Haaha

Finally, these 3 jandas termenung di railway track sebab ditinggalkan suami.. Hahaha…

OK OK! Enough with track part! Move on move on!!! Find some other interesting stuffs!

Hah. Ayu ladies… Kami solo taw. *Bo** x leh blah.

Kacang sejuk kacang panas!! Sapa nak???

Roommate i!!!

Kita lapar kan Qeela kan???

Hahah… Those were all the random stuffs I managed to sumbat2 inside this post. (I’m so sorry regarding my rojak language, I’m too lazy actually but my friends insisted me to post about this entry. Pandai2 la korang)

Back to the story, after having our bukak puasa in the Secret Recipe, and after performing our Maghrib prayer there, the tired four of us went back to Universiti Malaya. Time time nak balik tu sempat la jugak sesat kat area Bangsar. Luckily Q was a superb driver,man so… we safely arrived KK12 that night.

And I won’t tell you how I suffered that nite to revise everything regarding my test for the day after that day! Bhahaha…

WTV… I Love A,Q,M so much :0 University life is quite enthusiastic when you guys are by my side! I love u guys, kelly-ngs!!!

Looking forwards another dates ye sayangs???

p/s Amos Famous VS A Famosa

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