Wooot! Wooot!!!

So, Prof Dr Norhashida’s dream comes true today! Mid Sem Test result was out today! Finally, she managed to crack the shell of happiness of ours and decreased a lil bit of our glee meters before enjoying our fortnight holidays! Uhum??? Yes yes, at least these results would make us rethink about the plan of burning our midnite oils during this holiday! *IF!!!*

My result?? Sangat cemerlang ye kawan2 πŸ™‚ I’ve never obtained such this result while I was in MRSM. Yes,it is 3.00 something but then, not excellent enough for someone in PASUM. But then, never care… Hoho πŸ™‚

Congrats to my bestie Aqilah Zafirah Hanis for her first 4.00 in PASUM. Ok, TGI Friday ye buddy!!!

Congrats too for my beloved roommate, Anis Nabila πŸ™‚

And the hugest applause for our CIK AMIRA RAMLEE! Escaping result day by going back home earlier! OK cantik!

WTV with results! Alhamdulillah~~
Raya is coming right up!!

Anyway kan…

My last post for today! I’m off to Lecture Hall now, Algebra and Physics lectures are coming rite up! Then, KELANTAN!!!

p/s Post regarding our girlfriends day out comin rite up!!!


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