Can I Report Something About My Weekends???

Is it true that the bond tied between family members is the tightest one? Hurm, I wonder… but, it might be some truth in it. Well, my weekend was successfully spent with my dearest cousin, Awanis. She came all the way from UIA and we spent our precious 2 days here in KL.

Saturday, August 27th, 2010.

1.00p.m. Wanis arrived UM after I’m done with my Jati Diri lecture. Headed to Mid Valley *hehe typical place but then, that’s how we love it πŸ™‚

Oww btw, Mid Valley was like having these raya mood, so took these by chance and snap snap some gedik moments!

Let all these pics describe the event, I’m too lazy for it..

.My cousin, Awanis πŸ™‚

I jadi kampung girl

The girl

The kampung girls :0

Us πŸ™‚

Enough lar with Centre Court photographs, now let us all head towards our mission. Firstly, my dearie cousin asked me what is my purpose hanging there? I told her, I got no mission actually, I just wanna spend my weekend there so… Yeah! Nothing to buy actually. I don’t even withdraw any $$$$ that time. So, we were loitering~

View from the top!

Entering ZARA *always my fav*

Heart thumping loudly! Dub dab dub dab!!!

Yes. Something from ZARA. Normal.

Black n white anyone???

Ouh the funny thing was that, while I was browsing for anything catchy inside ZARA, Wanis suddenly came by my side and told me, “Aku tersentuh kasut yg pig-skin~”

HAHAHAHAHAH!!! *Took my time to accompany her to samak-samak her hand! Adoiii

Enough lar with South Court. Now, let’s jalan jalan nearby the East Atrium. I love East side so much u know, because almost of my fav are here, so… lalala…

Entered a few shops…

Candid!!!Lovely lace!! I suka!

BIMBO! Pak cik ni kaya gila… Suppose jadi suami i~ =.=

Lovely Lace! I want a sheep,baby!!! NAAAAAKKK =)

Hadoiii tired of walking there in Mid, both of us headed to KL Sentral, wishing to make our way to Jalan TAR. Bought the tickets, but it was successfully canceled by last minutes! Rasa nak telan Awanis by that time… but it’s okay larh. So, back to Mid~~ Lalalala

All restaurants were fully booked for dine in so we decided to bukak puasa inside the surau. Had our few minutes there before we were able to have our dine in inside Domino’s Pizza at… 9.30p.m.!!! Haiyoooo!!!

** didn’t snap any pics by this moment**

Continue with jalan-jalan to burn some fats there…

Before I found something else interesting…

We were both getting tired by that time. It was 10.30p.m. =.=
So, we decided to queue along the taxi stand, and wait for a cab…

Reaching UM and then watched a movie before we zzzzzzz at 2.00 a.m.~

I had a great weekend with u,cousin! ILY~~


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