Hah. I’m feeling rather bored right now. Actually I am finishing my assignment for Kelas Jati Diri but since the jati diri itself in my soul is not that rigid, I simply can’t resisit myself to visit my blog, and post a new entry. While I was thinking about what the eff shall I mumble this time, my friend Miss Z in Shah Alam suddenly called me. We were chatting for quite a couple of minutes on the phone and one thing I remembered she asked me was that, “Kia, siapa boyfriend kau sekarang???


Hurm ntahla, kawan. Am I having an affair? No?? Am I..happily solo right now??? Err… am I??? Hehe. Got lah a few fellas asked me, what are you to do with Evan Irsyidi?? Who’s he Kia??? Alamak~ and even my foster sister *Anis Nadia* asked me, you and Mr.K.A. ever had a relationship before? And some others asked me, “Kia, bf you study kat Egpyt meh??” and “Oh Kia, hari tu kat Romp boyfriend you eh???” EFF TALK!

Haiyaaa… where got lah. I’m single. lah. kot. For me, love is not all about playing with the feelings, contributing something (a lot of things actually) for your loved one and and…. wasting your time over jaw dropping, eye popping, body sweating moments… blah blah blah… I may find my Mr.Right someday when he’s able to substitute my love towards my mom. *Sounds impossible. Maybe equivalent, not substitution. Mom’s love is still the prior one. Maybe the exact word here, no no, exact situation, here is that I am willingly to call him at least 4 times daily, report my current activities for every single hour and constantly wishing I Love You, as I did to MY MOM every every every DAY! *OK sounds drowny for a stranger!

I play rainbows, you know!

So, kawan. Answering your question, errrr taknak lah jawab. Who’s my current one is none of anybody business. Me myself don’t have the time to think about this, what else for others, kan kan?? Ye lah, saya kan KANAK KANAK RENEK lagi! Let’s just hope we get something beneficial, because Allah always give us something beneficial, not something that we straightly asked from him. As if you are praying for pleasantly bouquets of roses, He granted you a single thorny cactus. You prays for colorful butterflies flying over your world, He granted you with a bare caterpillar. You get irritated. But soon, the cactus turns to a beautiful flower, by the same time protecting you from danger and survive in the oasis, and the caterpillar transforms into a big butterfly with efforts by time.

So, Don’t love other things (people, money etc.) more or equal to these 3 things; 1. Allah 2. Rasulullah 3. Jihad (Surah 9 : verse 24) *Copied from Naily’s

and…obviously NO Evan needed πŸ™‚ *Am I saying this???

OFF! I better get working!

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