Berbuka puasa time with JKP Asasi today XD
*Long time haven’t meet them*
Sat next to Kauthar and Afiq Hazimi, in front of Meo.

Everything was so smooth, we love our meeting actually esp the part where you are entrusted with new tasks -_-” So, basically seniors are conquering the college now and our committee are quite limited except for PASUM. Many many projects coming onwards!

Hurm, buka puasa time nothing much to describe. Everybody are concentrating on their meals and just figured out that our president Meo adores sambal belacan a lot! Congrats Meo!
The best part, Afiq treats us with this green jelly. Thanks, Treasurer!

**Finished washing my hands and straightly headed to our ‘discussing’ table**

Then the tragedy began. An object moving with a high velocity came across me, pounding my hearts into a vast race, showering me with sprinkling adrenaline.
I never meant to scream, swear I’m not, but it all came out spontaneously… “DANIELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!” All I can see beside me was the weirdo Daniel, despite the grey kucing, so all it came outta my mouth was Daniel’s name, unintentionally!
*F*** punya kucing!*

I could see Daniel was LOL. So do Izhar and he added “Dah la suara kuat, hahahaha
OK.Quite a lot of aliens there laughed at me. Fine lah kot, nothing to shame for!
With the rest of his constant laughs, Daniel came and poked my shoulder, (while laughing of course) and hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha relax Kia, relax!

*Nothing to wait for, off with the butts! Left behind a tragic scene~~~


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