I’m Sane

Hah! Meet me again! *xpe hang menyampah, hang tekan X*

If u guys randomly realized this, you would be able to recognize how often I am to blogging right now, en en??? Well, my reason is not a lame one, in fact, its a rigid one. *Shame on me*

I got nothing to say actually, I’m blogwalking my own blog! Typically insane.

But before I crawl to bed tonight, curl myself under my PINK duvet, hugging my Cik Halimah Jongang, I would love to state my self-reminder here.

So, Cik Kia, another…….

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

days to go home!!! Oh yeah! Back to Kelate and not Hartamas XD (I
don’t even feel like stepping my feet there. Repulse repulse!!!)

I wanna try on my unfinished baju raya, made my own pastries this year. Oh hell, I wanna go home. (Terhidu sedikit emo di situ)

OK lah. Better off now before the diffusio
n mixed better. Plus, got English tutorial as early as 9 tomorrow. I don’t feel like skipping since I managed to finish the ‘CLONING’ assignment. So, hello tomorrow!!!

Nite, kids πŸ™‚
and… Life’s good!

Would love to hear from you!

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