Report of Hatred, I Guess So!

REPORT #1 : She is annoying the crap out of me!!! BULLSHIT!

OK OK… Here’s the story. I don’t like getting annoyed with someone, in fact with anyone. It is generally associated with a bottomless hatred and constant repulsing effect so I’ve been trying to avoid that, what else some more to write inside my blog. But then, this time I don’t think so I am able to withstand the rigid current it thunders and hurricaning inside my arteries so, lemme bomb with some ‘mengumpat’ story HERE so that my bile won’t keep oozing odium enzymes there! It sickens me a lot, okay!

So, the story is, I got this one friend of mine (err…friend???) who was constantly excited with her FIRST bf! OK OK let’s make the story short. I by mistake met her and this is the brief of our so-called conversation:

Cik Minah :: Oh Kia!!! I excited sangat taw! Bf I dah balik dah, semalam bukak puasa kat rumah dia, Kia… I pakai dress taw. Suka sangat!

Tengah Menyampah :: Oh really?? (Haha what a ghastly reflection)

Cik Minah :: Ha’ah!!! Kalau dia bukak puasa kat kolej ni.. nanti orang tengok he’s with me orang cakap, bf dia ke tu??? Aaaa’aa bf i… Suka sangat lah! *Eye shining, maybe the effect of Brand’s Innershine hehe*

Tengah Menyampah :: Hahah. *menyampahnyampahhhhh!!!

Cik Minah :: Bila nak cari bf nya kia??? Best taw Kia!

OMFG!!! Could u plz rewind that??? What’s wrong with you?

Simply replied :: Ntah la u. Tak de sapa yg nak kot. Lagipun my

mom tak bagi gatai awal2 ni. *Me too bullshit!*

So, am I right with my judgement???

Yes, I know, now it’s time for foreign student to come back to their hometown (mine wasn’t excluded yes minah). My point is, why so serious and I know how overjoyed people with their FIRST LOVE but it sickens a lot ok to show it off how thirst you are of magnetizing some attention. *Even it’s not that appealing, it’s more towards REVOLTING.








Enough is enough. Astaghfirullahalazim…

The most loved person by Allah Almighty on the Day of Judgement and nearest to Him is a just ruler. And the most hated person by Allah Almighty on the Day of Judgement and farthest from Him is an unjust ruler.” (narrated by Tirmizi)



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