Wehee! I woke up this morning with nil distinct of escaping any lectures, skipping any tutorials, but instead, feeling rather thrilled to start a Messy Monday with a brand new one πŸ™‚

Woke up at *secret* and then had shower.

Packing up things for lectures and tutorials. Well, today’s schedule is not that pack so, another thumbs up for mood-cherish!

8.45a.m. :: Already on my way with Mira to BT5 for Chemistry Tutorial. Firstly, praised Shy for her scrumptious choco cookies and added some more orders *hehe*. OMG… *Ada 2 soalan Organic Chemistry tak siap lagi lar… Err err turn right and left, back and forth. Hah! Farhah Farhah… nak tiru soalan ni boleh tak??? Hehe*

10.00a.m. :: About to approach Dewan Kuliah Utama. Met Mr.F who was on his way outta there. He said “Hey” and bumped his shoulder off mine. Just smiled πŸ™‚ Straightly made my own way to the highest seat *far back there haha* before Qeela Kelly Ng arrived. Had quite enthusiastic three lectures with Dr. Azilah, Dr. Sabirin and Dr. Gaphor. Thanks God it was early released for Dr. G’s lectures!Love to snap during class-intervals!
Sorry, I’m only using the front camera so what a bad resolution it came out!

12.30a.m. :: Off to college and doing what I’m doing now πŸ™‚

Report for half a day of today! Feeling rather blessed, Alhamdulillah!

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