My Ramadhan Changes with Time. YOURS?

From Kiasatina Othman, It Changes with Time, Sometimes……

I still remembered the first time I fast. It was me, a typical 10 years old girl. A Forth Grader kid who was quite curious in getting to dig deeper inside the religious well, for she was a little bit thirsty for extra ‘duit raya’. I remembered exactly how half a day *sahur time to berbuka time* used to be the longest hour in a period of a month for me. Still, I remembered how the situation managed to be better and better, folded in neat inside out, for each annual fast past, maturing me and getting me closer to Him.

I still remembered how sahur time used to be my most hated phase when I’m in lower secondary. Waking up early in the morning just to be filled with ‘sort-of-breakfast’ and then doubly crawled to my bed and realized myself in the shower in the next half an hour. Went to school and gossiped with my buds saying- “Weh, makan apa weh bukak puasa kelmarin? Mak aku masak sedap… Aku pergi bazaar… Blab la bla blaaaaaaaaa”. And something too valuable when the Indians- Lavania, Shree, Tasha too were fasting, it was a beautiful color of life to be inside a harmonic community. Approaching evening where my activation energy was no longer to be hold, feeling damn damn damn tired so I just had another zzzz moment, no shame that I’m too lazy to join mommy inside the kitchen. *That time*! Waking up and enjoyed myself in front of the TV for I love Jejak Rasul, Ilmuwan Islam and all those sorts of equivalent Ramadhan shows! Berbuka time- no need to describe lah, everyone would enjoy it. Half an hour later, feeling doubt to eat quite a lot,hurm… but still managed to perform tarawih in the surau nearby. And for quite actually, we love to handle ‘big-family buka puasa’. For a kid *again* like me, the bunga api and mercun part is something too hard to resist. Boom boom!

It is so true when people tell us that good things would only be appreciated once it has been a bygone in our life. Never deny the fact, baby!

That’s the time I realized I was a student of MRSM Pengkalan Chepa. What a big pang for a spoil brat like me to be in that community who fast without their family members, or better to pronounce ‘without lovely foods’. Oddness surged me, no doubt. Bad words cursed, that’s normal. But that was before time when my mom does pay me visits every single day, sending me some juadah berbuka puasa, hehe. Sahur time, always the gloomy part where I just ate in the dark, on bed, eyelids shut with my bedmate too doing the same thing. Since both of us were nasi-repulser actually, so we enjoyed cereals, breads,

mueslis, and all sorts of foods during sahur time, just enough to s

upply us day long energy! Buka puasa time, always the greatest one, no matter where you are! Snapshots trailing along while waiting for Pak Lam’s, queuing for Kak Linda’s and rushing over PUM’s! And there we go, a big circle over a big feast, and yum yum yummmmmm~ and terawih where by this time, I missed Shamsul’s leading voice and Ustaz Fadzli’s sermons. I do missed all homeroom activities badly.

Homeroom bukak puasa time

Now, for time matters a lot about irreversible, here I am stucking in The University of Malaya all alone by myself. Got no family to depend on, got no food

*ok,that’s lame* to feast on. Normal, mom woke alarmed me up almost every morning to eat cheese bread with chocolate milk, resume my sleep, lectures, tutorials, exams… all the typical lame routines before arriving the time of berbuka. Urm, to make it fair, I love the berbuka part actually since there are friends who accompany me, entertain my gedikness for all the time. None other than Mira and Anis. *Sigh*… The routine is quite typical. Only the part where I am stones,stones,stones throw from my family is the rare one.

Anyway, Ramadhan is not all about sighing over your foods, or counting days of Eid, but it is the opportunity seeking to get closer to Allah. He never turns from your back and always waits for you to seek Him. Fetch the barakah! Mubarak everyone!


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