The Price of Being Born

Outside it was raining. Inside it was my brother who was battling with his own fears towards Geography revisions. In the middle, it was the typical air of cheers in our house, cosy as it suppose to be. And soon… before mom received a call, first assumption : her bestfriend.


It was a call from a curious friend of her who was thirsty for the hot news of UM. Mom glared at me and my head was hardly shaken, for I dunno anything. I care for myself, not people in there when I’m home.


Then only I knew the heart-breaking news of someone who shared the same education with me (informally) has gone forever.
….SMS-ed Kimmy for conformation.
….Called Meo for infos.
….Called Miro for *I dunno why I called u*

People, I don’t think so it is my right to elaborate more about this. Let bygone be bygone and it is a reminder for us actually, an alarm to awake those drowning in the monsoon of fake happiness… in drought of genuine emptiness, because one thing for sure, we will be facing the same thing and nobody ever knows when will the time arrive. When it comes, neither one second being fastened nor postponed. It is what we meant by… destiny…

Al-Fatihah for Allahyarham Zulkh
airi Azmi
Say it is your right to choose your time, what would it be???
I would say… it is something countless, regardless is all about.. Don’t you?

You can shed tears that he is gone,
Or you can smile because he has lived.
You can close your eyes and pray that he’ll come back,
Or you can open your eyes and see all he’s left.
Your heart can be empty because you cannot see him,
Or you can be fulled with the moments that you shared.
You can turn your back on tomorrow and live yesterday,
Or you can be happy tomorrow because of yesterday.
You can remember him that he is gone,
Or you can cherish his memory and let it live on.
You can cry and close your mind,
be empty and turn your back,
Or you can do what he’d want,
smile, open your eyes, love, and go on…

p/s I dunno who you are. Maybe we have once met to each other but then all I ever knew is, we’re nation of Islam. May Allah bless you, Shall you be placed restfully… Amin~


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