Who says so that u can only befriend with certain people? Who says so that u can only befriend with those in the same shell with u? Or in the same mussel? Or in the same ehinodermata??? My answer? Idiot says so… Exactly I came up with a proof to certify this misconception.

2 months (maybe more) in UM, I know that I’m not alone. Sure, nobody’s alone. My first impression stepping here was that- it’s gonna be tough. No one can ever replace Tayn, Ara, Naily, Syak, Ummu, Rifhan, Twins, Hunny n so on but then, can you just see me today? Of course, the name listed are irreplaceable. There are spaces in my heart booked for them, not easily teared away, nor easily roughly shaken, even if u got the VIP passes. Cruelsome. DO judge me a snobbish bratz if I forget them. But DON’T judge me a fucker picker if I walk alone on the Earth of UM without companions πŸ™‚

Here are the current TOP 3 in my heart. Heart of UM πŸ™‚

Omigosh! Qeela knows how to drive safely!
Pink? Think pink??

Identity ::
> Over crazy and cruelsome
> Damn pretty *typical word*
> Kajang girl
> Terrorist for Mathematics, warrior in Physics… n oh… Chemistry
> Still don’t know how her life supposed to be in years to come
> I love you for who you are, I don’t need to tell that. It’s something infinity.


Kalau dah tak nampak, pakai la spec minachii oii
Sayap kiri ok…

Identity ::
> Omigosh. Last Malay girl on Earth
> Sugar-candy sweet
> Perak nah!!!
> She told me she loves Sejarah. Let’s get some World War 2 homework for her
> The one who lives on 9th floor who is willing to accompany me wherever I go. I don’t know why but I guess a vibration of love is something indescribable, am I right?
> Again, I love you…


Kami anak seni!!

Identity ::
> My roommate of course!
> Ex SAAS n yet living in Kajang
> Quite obsessed with her boyfriend
> Study maniac
> Having quite a contrast with me. Loves MALAY song, which is a big repulsion for me
> Sometimes I cannot describe her. Sometimes for me is something nearly 24/7
> Love her for being someone who wakes me up during the morning. THANKS CHIC!

And a lot more terrorists are here fixed in my heart.
I love to befriend with a lot of people.
But I prefer to walk in a little.
Memang orang cakap…
Berkawan biar seribu…
I’ve done that…
But bestfriend biar satu.
I love her.
only her.



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