Let’s Gomow Something from UM

Because life is so unpredictable… The karma gets stronger, the dejavu fights tighter…~

Nobody ever had the idea of what is going to happen for the next seconds, for the upcoming minutes, till the subsequent hours and yet for the after-previous days, months or years. The same thing goes here. I started my life in UM being nobody (OK la, an ex student of Bitara PC doesn’t count much I guess). I am all alone, 468km from the place where I was borne. Yet, the vigilant of enthusiasm triggers me to explore a new diverging road and hollow the broad pathway towards success. I never had a dream too far to reach but at least I do, yes I do.First day arriving. Maaaa!!!
So, a week in UM and people regarded me as the Emcee for Malam Persembaham PASUM 10/11. By the side of Abdul Amar for a week (seven days of hell-killing momentous). It was a great nite u know, I never jot anything bout that in my blog so I fell like keeping that as a secret. I got to know quite a lot of seniors (better known as PP) and for the subsequent fortnight, I met the thing I’ve been missing for dozen-half year, none other than to say hello to the books and study-stays up. I rejected the offer of flying to Japan doing the course of Mechanical Engine with the hardcore feeling that I’m going to perform better in UM. Well, the first week might be quite enthusiastic but not for the following weeks aka now. I hate lab reports, I vomit towards tutorial questions, I sleep during lectures. Yes, I’m not that kind of study girl.. I’m performing science studies but my heart sinks towards THE VIBRATION OF LAW STUDIES..So, your point??My lovely PP Chidaaa.
When Nasihah was around…

Yet yet yet… I don’t think so life is that sucks. Hah. My life never sucks without me. Ouh?? Haha. So, it has been a month since this enormous (err) university grabbed me from my mom so I was thinking about an idea of revenge. You grabbed the eldest princess of The Queen of my heart so I think it’s time for me to grab something from you, UM! Thru chances they gave me, suddenly I realized that I won this kind of election and within seconds, I am now been called the Exco Kesenian n Kebudayaan JKP Asasi UM 10/11. *I’m giving you moments to LOL*


OK here we go. I love this JKP dammie much! Yes, I think I’ve made it clear for everybody why I wanted to get involve with this JKP- because I wanted to represent Malaysia in Pidato Piala Perdana Menteri, OK. But nobody knows that I’m intending to enter this prestigious organization because I can’t withstand the killing i-miss-my-mom current in my heart. So at least when my butt is getting busier, and my medulla oblongata is pressuring swifter, I won’t have the time to entertain such feelings. That’s it.

No matter what happens, frens lie on the priority…
Even if you’re laying on the top now…

Well, that’s what we meant by life-progress.
For sometimes I’m thinking am I standing on the best position I shall be?

For sometimes I’m thinking am I getting closer to the inner self of mine?
For sometimes I’m unable to answer both…

Because for most of the time…
I’m the ordinary Kiasatina Othman…

p/s Less pics now. Sorry


One thought on “Let’s Gomow Something from UM

  1. ak saje2 bukak, tetiba de post psl UM.. tgh baca, tetiba lagu xi Shua Shua maen.. haha, tergelak giler..
    wey, kat INTEC gile ramai ex-PASUM

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