Once Upon a Time… I Was There

It is so true that I have a life ahead. But it is too, undeniable that I have a treasure behind and the treasure sounds…
Thanks Nik Syakirah for your inspiration.

5.00 a.m.

Wake up with the help of the most annoying alarm ever- Backpacker.
Ahead to the toilet and put the toiletries basket in front of ‘Shower First’. Usually Mira’s one would be the first. Mine would be the second.
Crawled to the bed and another zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….

Morning kiss in C4!!

6.00 a.m.

Second time to awake! Ahh the genuine refreshment would come by this time.
Most common word would be – “Kia,after”, “After,shower first…” and “Shower second kosong x?
An hour to finish everything and ahead to the DB for morning roll call. We all love this and instead of lining up according to class, Me, Naily, Syak, Rifhan, Hana, Ummu, Ea, Fida, Aireen Atiera, Wani and a few others would line up by the side of Ammarian’s. We were classless during the morning, and called ourselves PENCAPUB. Yup, love morning call damn much esp for the spot talk haha.

7.40 till 10.07

Boredom boredom… We would rush if it was BM class in the first period. Don’t want to be scolded an punched by Puan Mazenah.
Would sleep if it was AddMaths and slowly walk if it was Sciences subjects. Well, the lab block was way like….too far???

Class view


Awaited momentous! Time to burst outta Physics’ dizziness and History’s craziness! Three preferences and damn vital spots:

1- Kafe blok akademik :: Oh! You can’t leave without sauce-less 10cents keropok in your hands! and the 50cents tea o’ ais (teh o beng).

2- DS :: Natrah’s red popia would be too hard to resist!

3- Koop and Cafe Mummy :: Nasi lemak + sweets + compulsory C2! To keep you awake during long ahead classes!

25-mins is not that pack for us =)When you’re full, You’re happy for classes!

11.47 p.m.

Prime time.
Class held in between the morning and the noon.
The jobless me would be punching and poking my deskmate, Anis Safiyah.
The gegey Liyana Muzammil would be in a total silence by this time. Tired kot. Kirah by her side would be sleeping.
Malihah, Bella, Mira and Natrah in 100% concentrations. (My UM mate)
Nadnad and Rara controlling their tudungs’ degrees in front of Pejo and Tojo.
Seri and Za maintain focus.
Sep laki tidur.mostly.

Befriend with everyone. The VP of LDP is an unexceptional.
Class is a nice spot for some snaps.

2.15 p.m.

No bells to keep you awake that class is over! Pandai2 paham la kan…
Like a sudden automatic shock, your stimulus will be triggered by this time,no worries.
Marathon time with Anis Safiyah who would lead us to the DS esp if it was ayam’s day.
10 minutes for lunch,excuse Iqbalians please =)
Next,another marathon for iron and shower booking. But not the iron part for me. To have a well-groomed baju kurung for my next activity would be such a waste. Why??? What’s next???

3.10 p.m.

The evening prep for those who were enthusiastic and ecstasied with their study.
Again…not for me. THIS IS MY DAILY EVENING ROUTINE that I’ve prescribed before… SLEEPIN IN THE CLASS! Yeah =) (So noooo need to maniacally ironing your baju kurung… It would crumple with time hihi)

But my condition :: FINISH MY HOMEWORK FIRST BEFORE FURTHER SLEEP. MY ONE AND ONLY RULE IN THE EVENING.When Wani is bored with PAI, she entertained me with a few snaps.

4.30 p.m.

OK. Nap time is over. Don’t get me wrong. Rather than I force myself to be half awaken in my studies, it is better for me to save some energy from the energy-excretion tank!
Time to blah. Outta class, Syak and Naily would wait for me, signaling with their isyarat cepat-cepat.

After prep with Darling Nikko
We are the VPs- VP PUM, VP WADAH, VP LDP

4.40 p.m.

Koop time! A few snacks and the compulsory one ringgit C2, and we placed our butts on the benches in Hentian Gemilang.
Evening breeze, chit chatting with pak guards, scandaling over with Cikgu Zaidi, watching over couples and singles passing by….

PC best kan korang???If only we are in anothers’ shoes

5.00 p.m.

C4 time! As I was about to enter my beloved darling puss puss dorm, there were subsequent shadows of Mira, Bella, Anis, Natrah, Seri, Mali, Yana and Kiroh bursting outta room.
EXTRA PREP time for them. Stress nya hidup!
All left were me, Unie and Yusma. Pqah would come over and gediksing with Unie with their toyboys.
Naily and Syak, two VIPs paying me a visit in C4. Or me paying them visits in C5.

5.30 p.m.

Jalan jom korang? As usual, the hotspot would be the precious Taman Ulat. Syak would pretend with her AddMaths and Naily as usual, another gediksing session while tutoring those who seeks for her genius-spill-over.
For quite SOMETIMES, these were times of my Do-Not-Disturb-Me.
Family visiting time! Or my bestfriend, Intan would come over to humor me. I LOVE YOU DARL.

We enjoy our riadhah in the padang= CAM-WHORING time!Sukan fotografi
Precious Taman Ulat

7.30 p.m.

** Surau time **

8.00 p.m. or maybe half an hour later

Yeah! The real study time! NO KIDDING! I’m serious during the night.
Earfons in pieces…
Calculator in right hand…
Since I’m in 5 Iqbal, a class of repeatable study group admirers, for quite often we would sit in a circle and the discussion took place!

OK fine. Undeniable, kadang-kadang pergi melawat jiran sebelah di Jahiz. Well, I was their regular ‘customer’.Study grouping. I guess this is biology tutoring. Err???


Enough la two hours of studying.
Naily and Syak (again) standing by the corridor, waving and smiling cam Telletubies.
We chose the pathway leading to 5 Malik. Don’t ask why.
Ahead to DS. DS source yang sangat kaya with buns buns and buns. Hurh… So, KOOP ahead. Apa yang kami beli kat sana pun entahla, but we love Kak Na and Kak Da. Haha.
Next… Pak Lam. Scrumptious fish-and-cheese tiga Pokle??? Yeah. Kenyang.

Sometimes, attending meetings in the DS after prep were routine of mine! But make sure it was on time before the Cegu Martini came and screamed to the top of her lung!!! Saprono!!!!!Nyte surprises occur sometimes!




Guilty for not to study.
Slowly reviewing on today’s notes.
95% study.
5% on tomorrow’s lessons.


I’m sleepy.
Slowly crawled under the elephant blanket, earphones smartly fixed, and go to create a new text msg… My routine would be… ‘Goodnyte Mama. Nak tido. Lv, kak Long
Goodnyte MRSM PC…

Two years passed by now I realized how deep my love is for my dearest high school… the one and only…MRSM PC

The place that thought me the real life.
The place that enriched me with the genuine friendships…

Till my last goodbye here… the time I finished my Chemistry paper… I realized that I don’t need a repeatable time here but I need a special space in my heart to treasure every single memories here…..
Because Once Upon A Time…
I was there…
We were there…

MRSM PC Batch 08/09

Thanks Nik Syakirah for the inspiration =)


3 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time… I Was There

  1. memang boleh nangis kan,
    oh my god, so many 'i miss this', so many 'a'ah dulu…' and now, before we each enter uni, i just wanna tell you how much you meant to me. even if we don't end up as close as we were, you'll always be the only special KIA i know πŸ™‚

  2. Just did what people always call as 'blog-walking' and I so happen to be one of the 'penduduk' in C4.

    Hello, super super junior! My bed yang hujung skali dkt ngn langsir pink tu.

  3. blok akademik baru korang tu, dibina di atas runtuhan blok akademik original 70an…

    kelas aku kat blok akademik “semi-baru” (considering now ada yang lagi baru, back then it was THE blok akademik baru).

    but for a month or so we were “kena tambat” kat the said block lama.

    you should know that…

    it was the best classroms building could ever be built… a very romantic place…

    in between classes you boleh bercinta kejap kat bawah pokok rhu, sambil ditiup angin sepoi-sepoi bahasa.

    tempatnya redup.

    bangunannya sejuk.

    the air is fresh, ventilation was wonderful.

    the view… damn… green grasses on the left and right of the classes. bila pagi, the smell of wet grass.

    pintu kelas besar, tingkap penuh… you get full view… if the teacher was boring, fuck him/her, you can easily put yourself to sleep in 3 seconds with the help of the fair winds or you boleh berangan sambil layan view.

    now it's all concrete… pokok-pokok rhu pun diorang tak spare.

    spartanical architecture…

    the old building was designed by Hijaz Kasturi…

    i berani bet architect yang design building baru tu lauya.

    The old building to the new building was like a vintage 50s handbag by Dior compared to handbag design by an unknown in Guangzhou.

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