A Hint of a Pilgrimage

Peace upon all of you…

Lemme remind you of something. The date in my calendar shows that today is 20th of May 2010 and fell on Thursday. Well, just a reminder for me and you. Now I gasp…and gasp. (Guess I need extra O2 for this!Somebody get ride of my CO2 please!)

SO, another three days for me to be completely transformed!
Another three days and I’m outta my six months holiday.
Another three days and I’m entering into a realm life that I’ve been curious before.
Another three days and I will forgo my jobless periods.
Another three days and my new title is a… MAHASISWA OF UNIVERSITI MALAYA, KL.

I’ve packed exactly nothing. Yup, not even a single piece of brief inside the luggage. To be frank, I was rather shock when my bestie told me that she’s going to bring three medium-sized suitcases. The statement blink my eyes off the seconds, lips popped and blooped like goldfish instead of common pout. WTH yang? Haha u sound as if you’re not coming back to Kelantan.

But that doesn’t matter much as my priority lies on myself. All the monkey business regarding this heart thumping registration were done (note the notes first) but then my mental is a complete vise versa. I’m not yet done with my mental preparation which seems to be like a 98% progresses undone. When it comes to the seconds of packing, my hands will shake and vibrate as if my sweat gland are hitting over the GLANDFLOOR, shaking there, here and everywhere over the cyclones of nervousness, earthquakes of edginess and hurricanes of jumpiness! (Maniac maniac)!!! The addition becomes worst when mama is around as I can see the gloomy face of someone with the purest heart ever, heavy to let go of her eldest daughter. Me too feeling exactly the same, ma. UM is so not the MRSM PC where you can drop me some tummy-fillers during leisure (two days intervals) and I can lie my stories over your shoulders home every weekends.

Now, its like we are rotating on a scale of 180 degrees. To carve a smile or roll down a tear, both of us have to accept this mama. FUTURE ahead =)

p/s Caption for the pic – I walked my own way.

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