K.A.T. Loiters (Part 1)

Hey hey! So today I thought of a simple blog post! Recently I’ve been writing a piece of pieces since I am a queen bee rite now. Busy buzzing here and there.

So tonight…just dropping by to jot down a special memoir I’ve been through today. As usual, another day out with Ara but then another spouse of ours, Lady Tayn Fatihah joint the club of gediksing around. No sweat man, my bestfren doesn’t matter. Yet, we have been walking and traveling for quite a distance today but the most remarkable one would be my second medical check up in Pakar Perdana. Oh yeah babeh! I fell for someone there. (Actually the feeling started to bud off for the last two days but at this moment it has been showered with Ara’s scrumptious words and rushing maturity adrenaline) so the love bug is biting! Haha.

Guess who did I fell for this time? (Oh! Sound reeks!) No, I won’t tell who he was, seems like I’m opening another diverging paths for girls to burst in. Nooooo way!

OK lah. Too lazy to write, namely a drop by πŸ˜‰ I love Hospital. No no. Only Pakar Perdana though your service sucks.

p/s I’ll update this story of gediksing around as soon as Tayn gives me our several snaps!


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